Grinds my gears

You Know What Grinds My Gears?

“You know what really grinds my gears? Nobody’s come up with a new priest and a rabbi joke in like 30 years. I mean, okay, ah, umm. Priest and a rabbi go, go onto the supermarket, and, uh, the priest wants to buy a ham. And the rabbi says, “Ah, …


Nigeria is 48! You Know You’re Nigerian If…

To take a detour from my regularly scheduled blogging, I’d like to wish Nigeria a HAPPY 48th INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! We will party o!! We need Bailey’s Irish Cream, Guinness (Stout), Jollof Rice, Fufu & Stew, and Maltina. You know you’re Nigerian IF… The only reason you dance at Nigerian parties …

My Life

I Got Busted Brows

Aight, so since I’m so quick to roast folks, I have been pretty roastable myself lately. I haven’t had my eyebrows done since like July, and although I did not have a unibrow, I was walking around these parts looking like there were 2 centipedes taking a nap above my …


VSB Gave Me the Goodeness Corner Award!

My life is COMPLETE y’all! My Ig has been recognized by the Very Smart Brothas. Congrats on the 100 posts of pure awesomeness, guys (and gal)!!! As long as VSB exists, my life will have purpose. I was 1st runner up for “the goodeness corner award, for the most consistently …

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What Cool Kids Do

Who made me an authority on what constitutes cool? Myself. And that is all that matters. I think I’m cool, hip, happening, down, groovy. I mean, I “raise the roof” and “get jiggy wit’ it” with the best of ’em. Plus, I do a MEAN running man (forward and backwards), …


Groomed Unibrow? What an Oxymoron

Aight so I was on the public bus minding my own business, as I always… (you know what? I can’t even finish that. I was being my usual nosy self), when foolish ish met me. Some dude got on the bus, with a GROOMED UNIBROW. Now, if that ain’t an …

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The Blog that Luvvie Built!

Yooo! I’m Luvvie and I’m a 20-something Chicagoan with a love of all things funny. I’m quite opinionated and I tend to rant about whatever subject irritates me. My stream of consciousness is this blog, just in a more coherent manner. Hope you’re amused by it. I am a contradiction …