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The Woman King Being Snubbed by Award Season is a Travesty

The Woman King was one of the best films of 2022, so the fact that it was shut out of awards season (especially the Academy Awards), is a travesty, an injustice and a shame!

The film was so good that I made a video when I walked out the theater. I wrote a piece for Variety on how amazing the screenplay was. You can check that out below. Hell, I even bought out a movie theater in Chicago so folks could get a chance to see it!

Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and starring Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, John Boyega, Sheila Atim The Woman King tells the story of the Agojie warriors of West Africa’s Dahomey Kingdom. The film is a reflection, conviction, resilience poetry, love letter to Black women, an apology… it is just sublime. It’s stunning storytelling and it deserves accolades!

Gina directed TF out of that film. Viola Davis reminded us that she is an icon and a legend as the lead. We met newcomer Thuso Mbedu and she held her own. Sheila Atim is a force. And Lashana Lynch is going to become one of the best actors of her generation. The whole film was poetry.

The Woman King

And it has been nominated for none of the major awards. Zero. THAT is a travesty, failure and a farce. The worst part is the film checked ALL the boxes that the Academy usually awards: historic period pieces, fight scenes, dope monologues. It simply lacked their #1 criteria: Whiteness.

I’m not surprised, but I’m once again disappointed. I’m not shocked but I still wanna fight. The Academy is perpetually committed to hustling backwards, and accepting and awarding white mediocrity over Black (or Brown) excellence.

Oscars, different time, same BS


Now this tweet couldn’t have aged any better. Because here I am, a whole 9 years later: still annoyed, still disappointed, and still trying to figure out how they get away with violating like this every year.

Bruh… Viola Davis did NOT train five hours a day, run 6-minute miles, and spend 7 years working on this movie, just to be disrespected like this! Snubbing her, especially for this movie, should be criminal.

We all know these award shows don’t indicate who is *actually* the best, and they damn sure don’t define us. But they do play a role in Hollywood politics, what opportunities we have access to, and who gets paid what level of money. So Black and Brown people are out here working thrice as hard to be twice as good— only to get half as far, half as awarded, and receive half the grace while doing it.

Even when we are shut out by the white establishment, we need to remember that they do not define us. Their rejection does not mean our art lacks value. We must keep creating anyway.

Woman King - Worth Fighting For

To show this dope film our continued support, I recommend watching The Woman King on one of the streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. I stand by the fact that The Woman King was the best film I watched in 2022, and that’s why I’m going to watch for the THIRD time, but this time in my auntie robe on my couch.

The warrior spirit is one that we need to draw from over and over again. And regardless of the Academy’s snub, we still gon celebrate this beautiful piece of art that is The Woman King.

It was not by happenstance or mistake that it was the #1 film in the country opening weekend.

And lemme tell you, if the Academy won’t give them their dues, I sure TF will. THIS FILM DESERVED ALL THE AWARDS.

Solo-date it or bring a friend, but make time to watch it! And you can do it in the comfort of your home by watching it on Amazon Prime.* This film will make you yell, cheer and cry.

The warrior spirit is what truly pushes us, and that is what The Woman King and the story of the Agojie women felt like it embodies. So I want you to give the film some love.

We can always celebrate our art, give our people their flowers, and support our stars by purchasing their content.See if it’ll leave a mark on your spirit, like it left one on mine and get it on Amazon Prime here, or receive free two-day shipping if you order the DVD.

Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through some of the links on my website. All thoughts and vouching are mine. I keep it true.
*The Woman King on Amazon Prime may not be available internationally (sorry y’all!)
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