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Professsional Troublemaker Tour Giveaway
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The Kindness Train is Sponsoring this Book Tour Giveaway

Two weeks ago, I announced the virtual book tour that accompanies the launch of my 2nd book, Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual. I’m doing seven stops with seven amazing conversation partners: Myleik Teele, Gabrielle Union, Esther Perel, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Kahlana Barfield Brown, KevOnStage, Glennon Doyle. It’s an epic book …


Be The Queen (with Elsa Majimbo) – Episode 8 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to 15x chess champion, professional bragger, comedian, and social media sensation Elsa Majimbo. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 8 TRANSCRIPT Pre-global pandemic, Elsa was a journalism student with just over seven thousand followers. Fast forward a few viral videos later, and Elsa is out here with …


Take the Mantle (with Tarana Burke) – Episode 7 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to someone who is the literal walking definition of what a professional troublemaker is. She’s a truthteller, she’s a disruptor, she’s a trailblazer and a change agent – activist, author, and speaker Tarana Burke. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 7 TRANSCRIPT We always make it a …

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Join Me for the Professional Troublemaker Book Tour!

In three weeks, my second book drops! Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual, will be out in the world and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT!!! This book is the best work I’ve done yet, and I can say confidently that it is even better than book 1 (I’m Judging You: …


Run Your Race (with Eunique Jones Gibson) – Episode 6 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to my girl Eunique Jones Gibson. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 6 TRANSCRIPT Throughout the month of February, which we’re considering Fear-Fighter February, I’m going to jump on Instagram Live on Fridays (make sure you’re following me – @luvvie everywhere) and be in conversation with people …

Fear Fighter February Challenge
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It’s Fear-Fighter February So I Have a Challenge For You!

January was a gajillion years long, y’all, but WE MADE IT! I mean, 2021 really said it was gonna keep fighting us. Again, we made it! I’m really excited because for a long time, I’ve considered February to be “Fearless February.” It’s Black History Month, and it is basically January …


Mind Your Own Body (with Gabourey Sidibe) – Episode 5 of Professional Troublemaker

  This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to the brilliant, hilarious, take-no-shit-from-anyone actress and author Gabourey Sidibe. We all know Gabby from her acting debut as the title character in Lee Daniels’ Academy Award-nominated film, “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.” After winning and being nominated for …

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Normalize Therapy – Episode 4 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m revisiting a topic I covered on the blog a couple of weeks ago – therapy. Today we’re talking about why it’s so critical and why I think we need to normalize therapy. If you’ve followed me for any length of time at all, you …

Bernie Inauguration Meme

Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s Inauguration Is a Forever Cantankerous #Mood

Yesterday was an exciting day! It is a new chapter for America. After 4 years filled with hate, racism, and bigotry fueled by Cheeto Satan in Chief, we are happily relieved to welcome a new chapter with President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris. And equally excited to be …

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Use Your Voice (with Cynthia Erivo) – Episode 3 of Professional Troublemaker

My guest this week on Professional Troublemaker is my long-lost twin, another powerhouse woman from my Voltron squad, the golden-voiced and brilliant Cynthia Erivo. If you don’t know Cynthia, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life, but as far as her official credentials go, Cynthia is a Tony®, …


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