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Big Heart, Big Personality, Big Mess. Little Troublemaker is Here!

You know that kid, who is a tiny rebel with a cause, with a strong side-eye and a giant smile and a kind spirit. They’re confident (sometimes to a fault. HA!). Big feelings, big personality, small package.

The Little Troublemaker.

I was her. I am her. You might be her. You might be raising your own. So I am EXCITED because LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS is OUT TODAY everywhere books are sold!!!

An ode to the small disruptors, in all their fearless glory. A book about a little girl who has a big heart but it sometimes gets her in big trouble. 🥴😆 Little Luvvie is a vibe! She’s this cute, brown-skinned girl with short hair (and a cleannn fade). Adult Luvvie is truly just a taller Little Luvvie, because I’ve ALWAYS been this person.

This book is SO FUN, y’all! I squeal every time I see it. My 4th book baby 🥹🥹🥹.

I have been so excited for this day to arrive! I’ve been picturing kids picking up their mail with their parents, opening those delivery boxes, seeing Little Luvvie on the cover, and diving into the story. My hope is that this story I wrote and the illustrations Joey Spiotto created, helps them see that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you can channel the big feelings in your big heart in ways that can create goodness in the world around you.

This book is for Little Luvvie, who would get in trouble for her mouth and got the “talks too much” on report cards. I wrote it to celebrate her, this little brown girl with short hair and spunk for days.

As you read this book with the kids you love, I hope that you’ll inspire them to use their voice, and harness their energy to become big world changers. I hope you remind them that the world needs their goodness, their power, and their hope. And I hope they see themselves reflected in this story. I hope you do too, actually. Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess is for the babies. I also know it’s for us.



Grab a copy of LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER MAKES A MESS for your favorite tiny rebel. Get a copy as a gift for your friend who has a child who knows their own mind and isn’t afraid to speak it. Grab copies for the teachers in your school, who are working so hard to help create great adults.

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Join us for the #LittleTroublemaker challenge:

📷 Post a pic of you when you between ages 4-8.
🧒🏽 In the caption, answer this: What did you used to get into trouble for as a kid?
#️⃣ Use the hashtag #LittleTroublemaker
💚 Tag @Luvvie

Here’s mine!


I want to get LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER in the hands of 5,000 kids around the U.S. because I know it will make them feel seen, and help foster a continued love of reading. And I need your help to do this. I’m inviting you to join the Little Troublemaker sponsorship train! 🙏🏾

📚 SPONSORS: Help us get books to students and programs that are underfunded by signing up! We will match you to an educator who has expressed need, based on budget. Fill out the form at

📚 EDUCATORS: If you would like a set of books for your students but don’t have the budget, request books at and we do our best to match you with a sponsor who will cover costs.

This might be my favorite book yet, and I love it so much! I know you and your favorite littles will too.

Here’s to creating good trouble at every age!


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