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On Simulated Reality, Soulful Relief and Soothing Refreshments

I have been completely unfocused this week. Meanwhile, I’m under all sorts of deadlines (including one big book-related one, but I’ll talk about that in future issues).

Let’s jump in (because getting this newsletter out this week was truly a feat and I almost ain’t make it!)


I’m wondering if we’re in a simulation.

​So hear me out (and I’m perfectly sober). What if we are in a simulation?

Like how we play 🎮 The Sims (I’m a longtime Sims girly), somebody’s playing us, and the system has glitched. But they don’t wanna reset the game because they don’t remember the last time they pressed “Save.” And they’re all “well lemme just continue” even though they know things have gone overly wayward.

And they also pressed fast forward on the time, because time is going by too fast. ⏩🕜

What if that’s actually what’s happening? I promise you, I don’t even drink or smoke (but maybe I should?). I just find that reality has been giving glitchy lately. Stuff like The Truman Show and The Matrix is looking like “well maybe that ain’t far-fetched.” 🤔💭

But I’m just wondering, because things are weird.


It’s okay to be unhinged from time to time.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. There is so much that we deal with every single day, that enrages, saddens and just throws us off our square. 😮‍💨

Don’t be on any margins either (woman, Black/Brown, Trans, Muslim). It’s triplicated. As I even think about just how much is thrown at us to deal with everyday, and we do our best to keep it all together. To maintain cool heads. To remain poised and composed. THAT IS A LOT. And some of us have perfected the art of choking down our feelings. Then we have ulcers. And heart issues. And autoimmune disorders. It shows up in all these ways that we don’t expect.

We’ve been told not to feel too much, because then we’ll make people uncomfortable. And that, lowkey (but really high key), is making us sick. 🤒

What if we allow ourselves to be unhinged a few times a year? I’m not saying go Incredible Hulk and damage property or hit somebody. But like… yeah laying on the floor in your house having a cry fest. Or even screaming at the ether when no one else is there. Or calling the contractor who owes you work and telling him you’re going to burn his house down (or so I’ve heard 🙃).

Spongebob truly perfected the art of unhinged behavior but he always felt better afterwards.

It might mean you go find a boxing class and go OFF on that punching bag. ALSO there are actual Rage Rooms you can go to where you literally break things for 30 minutes. I mean, you gotta love that.

It might mean you go OFF in a letter, without filter, to someone. And then you burn it because you can’t ever send it out. Go feral, even in the privacy of your own.

The rage. The sadness. The frustration. DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO TO GET IT OUT YOUR SYSTEM. Because keeping it all in is poisonous.

Get It out your system - Quote Graphic


Drink some tea after your tantrum or whatever.

After you have your moment, make some tea. There’s something about it that is a great juxtaposition to that. Like… you lose your mind for a second and then sit down with tea. That’s so classy. 🫖🍵

I’m not really a coffee person, but ironically, one of my favorite teas comes from a local coffee place in Chicago. Chicago French Press creates the most flavorful tea blends I’ve ever had and on top of that, they are sustainably-sourced, community-focused and Black-owned. ☕

The Blood Orange tea is FIREEE 🔥🔥🔥. For my coffee lovers, Mr. Jones vouches for the Black TUXE Ethiopian coffee.

👉🏾 Use my code LUVVIE15 to buy your favorite tea (or coffee!) and save 15% off your total.


Tell me, Have you ever embraced unhinged moments? How did you release pent-up emotions in a healthy way? Comment below and lemme know!​

Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this newsletter. All thoughts and vouching are mine. I keep it true.

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