On Excessive Meetings, Efficient Mindsets and Enlightened Motivations

In a world inundated with noise, distractions, and the constant pressure to do more, there’s a quiet power in keeping things straightforward and cutting out the unnecessary fluff.

In this year of self-care, I’m finding that clarity is more key than ever. As my team is working alongside me to streamline processes and products, I’m finding these questions are really critical –

  • Is this efficient?
  • Is this clear?
  • Is this concise?
  • Would I care if I didn’t create it?
  • Does it make whatever action I want them to take EASY to take?

Asking questions like this helps us get straight to the point.

Speaking of which, let’s jump into what’s on my mind this week.


Let’s have fewer meetings.

I gotta admit. I’m currently yearning for fewer and shorter meetings. Why? Because after all that ZOOMing we had to do during pandemic, I thought we’d have figured out how to get things done more efficiently and quicker, especially when it comes to meetings. 🥲

Like the questions I asked above, I’ve started asking “Am I needed in this meeting?” Or could this be answered via a voicenote or recorded Loom video? Our time is so finite and sometimes, we get into the trap of thinking meetings equal productivity but often, they just add to procrastination, and do the opposite. 

My newest thing is: can we use this meeting to EXECUTE instead of BRAINSTORM? Let’s use the meetings to make decisions, not just throw out ideas. Because I started looking at my calendar and seeing 5 hours of meetings in one day had me *wall sliding* like “AW NAWL!” When will I think? Write? Do? 😩

Soooo can we start thinking more about how we can do what we need, with fewer meetings? Can we get some time back? 

OH… and please let’s not have a meeting without an agenda. That’s a recipe for talking around in circles and we really ain’t got time for that. AGENDA ALWAYS. Kthxbye. 🗒️✅


Knowing your easy “NOs” is key.

Soooo one thing I’ve been trying to eliminate has been decision fatigue. You know when you have so many things to think and decide on that sometimes your brain is like “I don’t even know” in a mini tantrum? Yeah. Me. And I bet you. Between work, home, friends and anything else, we’re making fifty-eleben choices and it adds to our fatigue. 😫

The feeling of being overwhelmed is sometimes from looking at our list and inboxes and going “I need someone else to choose.”

That’s why I think it’s super important for us to know what our EASY NOs are in any season of our lives, based on our capacity, our priorities and our wants/needs. What are the things that if presented with, you don’t even have to consider or weigh, and you can go directly to NOPE? 🙅🏾‍♀️

Because I’ll tell you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that success is synonymous with perpetual busyness. But what if, just what if, the answer lies not in adding more tasks to our overflowing to-do lists, but rather in delving deeper into the things that truly light us up? What if, instead of scrambling to acquire another URL or chasing after yet another trademark, the key to fulfillment lies in honing in on that thing that fills us with boundless energy and passion? 🤔

I’ve come to realize that understanding what we don’t want to do is just as crucial as knowing what we do want. We only have so much time and energy to spare, and each yes we give, whether it’s to a project, a commitment, or an endeavor, is a yes stolen from something else. By learning to confidently say NO to the things that don’t align with our values, goals, or genuine interests, we save time and energy. ⏳🔋

When we strip away the noise of obligations and distractions, we create room for the essential to shine through. We begin to discern not only what should be on our list, but also what deserves our undivided attention and effort.

So, as we navigate the endless maze of choices and opportunities that life presents, let’s remember to pause and ask ourselves: What if the answer isn’t to do more, but to do what truly matters? What if the path to fulfillment lies not in chasing after every shiny opportunity, but in embracing the power of discernment and choosing deliberately? 🤔💭

As we embrace the notion of saying NO to what doesn’t serve us, we also open ourselves up to the possibility of saying yes to what does. This shift in mindset isn’t just about avoiding burnout; it’s about cultivating a life filled with purpose and meaning. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about honoring ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of pursuing the things that truly set our souls on fire. 🙏🏾


Embrace the notion of “less, but better” and read this book.

One of my best choices this year has been putting my phone down earlier and getting back into reading every night before I go to bed. Not only am I getting through my emotional support stack of books that have been on my nightstand forever, I’m choosing books that are helping me design the kind of life I want to live. 📕❤️

This book, ESSENTIALISM: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown, has helped me double down on the importance of doing less and doing it better. 📖💡

  • “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”
  • “You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.”
  • “Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter.”

If you’ve been feeling like you’re worn out in pursuing more, I would highly recommend adding this to your TBR list.




So tell me. What is ONE thing you’re saying NO to in this season of your life? Reply to this and lemme know.


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