Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s Inauguration Is a Forever Cantankerous #Mood

Yesterday was an exciting day! It is a new chapter for America. After 4 years filled with hate, racism, and bigotry fueled by Cheeto Satan in Chief, we are happily relieved to welcome a new chapter with President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris.

And equally excited to be welcoming this historic and diverse cabinet that actually looks like America, believes in science, and will push for progress for Black people and all POC.

While we are far from a perfect government, let us breathe a little easier today knowing that the POTUS and Vice President are showing up and working hard to do what makes sense for US again.

We are hopeful for brighter and maskless days, and inspiring an entire country to show up for each other that helps not only Americans, but also our friends and neighbors across the globe.

But while we’re all out here celebrating democracy and shit, Bernie Sanders is COLD and TIRED. After seeing Bernie Sanders at the inauguration, the entire world and I couldn’t help but make a few memes. LuvvNation has been loving Bernie’s side-eye as much and I have so check out your comments below!

Bernie inauguration meme

If “I’m sorry I’m late I didn’t wanna come” were a person. 😂😂😂

Bernie ain’t even wear his good pea coat for the occasion. Mans put on his errands puffer and sat there. 😩😅

Whew, I cracked up.

Anyway, you know LuvvNation had jokes.

Nadine: Bernie is goals. His validation comes from himself and no one else. I’m not mad.

Elle: Lol the universal language for “Fed up”🤣🤣

Mary: Bernie’s consistent. He’d be wearing that even if it was his own inauguration.

Sharon: “This Could’ve been an email”

“I put on pants for this”
“I was told there’d be cake”
“Isn’t this the line for Metallica?!

Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.

Elizabeth: Fun fact: Those mittens were made by a constituent who used wool repurposed from recycled sweaters and a fleece lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

They are the ultimate Bernie Sanders accouterment, and I say that as someone who has only been reluctantly won over into admiration of the man.

Ruby Cramer Bernie Sanders Mittens

Colleen: Bernie is every mom who’s ever sat through their kid’s early morning sports activities in crappy weather.

Angela: I’m someone’s momma and I need to know who let Uncle Bernie outside with no hat on!

Lindsay: I love Uncle Bernie’s crotchety grandpa mittens.

Terry: 🤣😂🤣😂Facts. It’s 11pm, they’ve now moved on to shots, and I’m sitting in a corner holding my purse ready to go!

Kristina: Thats my usual mood, but today I’m really loving Amanda Gorman.

Okeoma: I read where someone said he looks like this inauguration is on his list of things to do today, but it ain’t his whole day.

Kristy: If “let me see what’s going on over here after I check my mailbox” was a person

Valerie: He’s like…enough of this fancy crap…let’s get to work. He is who he is allllllll the way through and I love him for that. I really want that to be a Members Only jacket.

Ann: Told my hubby there goes Bernie in his Kmart blue light special coat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Mia: ” Let me stop by this lil inauguration real quick ”

Rachel: If he was a woman he’d be told over and over again,  “It can’t be that bad. Come on, give us a smile.”

Nekata: He looks like he’s gonna run errands afterwards. “I have thangs to do.”

Lisa: I love how Bernie and his wife showed up in parkas while everyone else wore their church coats.

Lavinia: I cackled. I wheezed. I clutched for the air.

Tweet by @kathleentheking same energy bugs bunny and Bernie Sanders

Catherine: “I’m gonna be warm today and then I’m gonna go help fix some shit”

Anette: “It’s cold as hell and somebody said there’d be donuts. There were NO donuts.”

M’Shende: I aspire to be this unbothered! I mean he didn’t even coordinate his mask and mittens.

Shay: Me when my son asks me to come outside and watch him play in the snow 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dionne: All he needs is my grandma’s “pocketbook”.😂😂😂

@AshleyKSmalls email inauguration bernie sanders

Adriana: Didn’t expect anything less from this Vermonter!

Jay-Me: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride……

Michelle: He looks like he’s been dragged outta the care home against his will for the day 🤣

Tiki: Uncle Bernie said its colderdenamug

bernie sanders parka and mittens inaguration

Afia: Bernie don’t give a damn about being stylish… LoL … he’s about the business of the budget committee (where the $money $reside)

Kamilah: Me waiting on the catfish plate when they say it’ll take 45 minutes. 🤣

Ebonie: Bernie looking like he just happened to stop by on his way to Denny’s for a Grand Slam breakfast.

Felicia: If “who all gonna be there” was a person.

DeShawn: The one with him and the manila envelope gave me all of, “I coulda put it in the mail but he gon be here today, so I’ll save a stamp.”

Liz: I’m ready when y’all ready. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tanya: When you’re ready but dude is still trying to get your homegirl’s number 🙄

Elizabeth: If “GET OFF MY LAWN” were a person

Mike: As I told someone else, Bernie has mastered the look of the guy who waits on the bench while his grandkids are ice skating.

Colette: Who peed in Bernie’s coffee this lovely Inauguration Day?

Latoya: If “it’s better than Trump but should’ve been me” was a person

Tina: Really Bernie? I’m gonna hope that this pic is just a snapshot. We need him to engage!

Rgna: He told them folks to not put nan chair next to him. He dared them.

Saniyyah: Where’s his hat?? 😩😩 He’s too old to have his head out like that

Misty: He’s just like can we get this over with, I gotta get to work for the people!

Ugoeze: You assessed this perfectly….soooo funny!!!

Holly: It’s like he has a list:

1. Go to post office
2. Take dog to vet
3. Attend presidential inauguration
4. Drs appointment @4

Shaun: That’s my dawg! Lol. He doesn’t give a damn and I love it 

Wendy: This me on these Zoom calls🥴

Nicole: This IS his good coat.

Jen: me. When I have to go to social events 

Kat: Let them figure it out Bernie.  It’s time you relax.  

Sara: As a Minnesotan I respect his dedication to staying warm at the expense of fashion. 🤣🤣🤣

Janelle: Bernie would have dressed like this even if it had been his own inauguration!

going to a concert after 30 bernie sanders

Michele: If “y’all could’ve sent me an email or zoom invite” was a photo!! 🤣

Jarius: If “I didn’t RSVP, but I’m here” was a person.

Suzanne: I wonder if he’s regretting not bringing a book…?

Jenni: This is every dad sitting in The Husband Chair in New York & Co. while his wife tries on slacks.

Paul: These HotHands said they’d be good for 3 hours, more like 3 minutes!

Theresa: Bernie finna make a stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home…

Angela:Me in every social situation now because I would much rather be napping.

Catherine: 🤣He came though! That’s respect 45 didn’t bother with!

Sonny: Twitter was goin in the moment this pic landed, it was hilarious!!!

Kim: If “I don’t really fuq with them anymore” was a person.

Jennifer: Always a bridesmaid.

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