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The Daily Show’s Segment on the Zimmerman Verdict is Why I Love Them

The Daily Show is one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV, and they always prove to be one of the most needed ones too. You’ll get a better take on the news by watching it than CNN any day, in my book. Their news might be “fake” but …

Trayvon Martin

There Was No Justice For Trayvon But We Cannot Be Silenced

This weekend, I was at a convening with 100 young Black leaders and activists, brought together from across the country by the Black Youth Project. We were there to talk about our advocacy work as well as issues affecting the Black community. And more importantly, we were there to talk about what …

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This Week Has Given Me Outrage Fatigue Syndrome

I haven’t updated since Monday and it’s because I’ve been so overwhelmed by everything happening this week that I haven’t been able to write. It’s been such a newsworthy 4 days and every time something is settling down, something else happens. You know when you have so many thoughts that …

Butter Blue Eyes Bigotry Paula Deen Story
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Butter and Bigotry: Paula Deen is Racist and Terrible

Another day, another celebrity being dropkicked off their pedestal. I woke up to find out that Paula Deen, the Matron Saint of Butter and Diabeetus Diet is a grade A racist. This is like finding out that Santa Claus killed the Tooth Fairy. Because she looks like Mrs. Claus and seems …

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About The Oscars, Quvenzhané Wallis and The Onion Debacle

This post took me a long time to write because I wasn’t even sure I was going to blog about this topic. I’ve been all up in arms for the past 20 hours. Literally. Like fighting the air at random intervals and everything. Because people have been TRYING it. It …


Stock Black Criminal is Too Fine For This Treatment

Oh America. Every time we think you might be about to win, you start losing again. Remember when Barack Obama got elected president in 2008 and everyone was talmbout how it was a post-racial country? Yeah… that was boolsheet. Unless post-racial means “just as racist but since there’s a Black …


How to Commemorate Black History Month

My peoples! It is officially Black History Month, the shortest, most afrocentric 29 days you will experience this year. So I’m here to let you know ways for you to commemorate it. Here are some I came up with: * Be jealous of my avatar’s dashiki and kufi. Because you …

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The Foreign Name Struggle Is Real

Yesterday was my post telling parents to quit naming their kids stupidly. It turned out to be EPIC, with 300 comments on it (now: 600) and counting (record for this blog). And y’all might have made my site crash for a good hour yesterday with foolery. Folks acted UP in …

Stages of Social Media Grief of Celebrity Deaths
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The Stages of Social Media Grief of Celebrity Deaths

I analyzed the process of grieving on Twitter when celebrities die, and it’s the same cycle each time, with the theatrics at the highest levels.

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Dear Mel Gibson, Please STFU

So Gawker released an article last week saying that Mel Gibson went on a diatribe against his ex. “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n*ggers, it will be your fault.” – Mel Gibson to his wife. THAT is why …