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USA Today Called “The Best Man Holiday” a “Race-Themed” Film

The Best Man Holiday was released in theaters this Friday and it beat Thor in ticket sales that day. But Thor came from behind and earned $38 million for the weekend, edging out BHM’s $31 million. I (and people who use logic) expected the film to perform well because there’s …

Peggy Noland Oprah Dresses

Dear Peggy Noland, About That Naked Oprah Dress… NO MA’AM!

I came across a link on The Cut about artist Peggy Noland’s newest project, “Oprah: Skinny, Naked, and Screaming on Your Dress.” THE HELL, BRO?!? So I’m here to write Peggy a sternly-worded letter because my spirit is IRKED! Look at the dress and see why I’m pissed: Dear Peggy …

Marriage Equality Illinois

5 Things That Stay The Same in Your Life Because of Marriage Equality

Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed the bill that will allow same-sex couples to get married. My state is the 15th to be about that “freedom to marry” life and I fist-pumped. Love, and the ability to be pissed when you wake up to the same person’s cobweb breath …

Halloween Blackface
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Halloween Has a Blackface Issue and It’s a Racism Problem

Every year. EVERY GAHTDAMB YEAR, Halloween rolls around and we have to deal with folks who want to paint themselves black and brown for some costume. It is exhausting and enraging and absolutely overwhelming. It’s REALLY hard for me to write about it because I just wanna cuss and fight …

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The 2013 Emmy Awards Embodied TV’s White Problem

Last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards taught me two things: that I really need to start watching Homeland and that TV is just REALLY white. Well, no it only taught me one thing because I already knew of TV’s white problem. But at the 2013 Emmys, it jumped off the TV …

Lee Thompson Young
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Dear E! News, Lee Thompson Young’s Death and Yoruba “Religion” Link is Irresponsible

E! News is reporting that Lee Thompson Young’s suicide may have been result of his involvement with “Yoruba religion.” I’m reporting that they’re idiots. It’s pretty ballsy to insinuate this and it’s the biggest crock of bullshit. Methinks it demonizes Yoruba people as advocates for suicide. It’s irresponsible, full of bigotry and plays into the “Africans are barbaric” trope.

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My Feelings About the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape in 10 GIFs

I tried to write a sternly-worded letter to Russell Simmons and the entire team behind this “Harriet Tubman Sex Diaries debacle” and I couldn’t make fetch happen. The words wouldn’t come together. First, let me catch you up. All Def Digital is a collaborative YouTube channel that Russell Simmons and …

EBONY Trayvon Covers
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EBONY’s Trayvon Tribute Covers and #BackwardsBoycotts on Twitter

EBONY Magazine’s September issue has four powerful covers, dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin. One cover has Trayvon’s family (mom Sybrina Fulton, dad Tracy Martin and bro Jahvaris). The others have Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, Dwyane Wade and their sons rocking hoodies with the words “WE ARE ALL TRAYVON.” …


George Zimmerman Wants to be Superman And I’m Not Buying It

Man, look. Folks (ABC, CNN and ’em) are reporting that George Zimmerman saved a family last week when their truck overturned on a highway last week. Apparently, a family of four were trapped in their SUV when Porky Pig and another fella came outta nowhere to rescue them. DUN DUN …

Brown Twitter Birds Inny Vinny
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About This Whole Black Twitter Thing…

The phrase Black Twitter started as a joke when people realized the power of Black people who use Twitter. People started noticing that we were driving hashtags and trending topics. Then Nielsen did research and found out that African American women are the most active group on Twitter. Since then, …