On Cold Callers, Crossroads and Coiffure Cream

I’ve spent all week cackling about the fact that folks said Jermaine Dupri showed up at the Usherbowl dressed like “Boss Baby.” 💀💀💀Like… it’s been almost 5 days and I’m still unable to can. I CANNOT.

Boss Baby - Jermaine Dupri

The times when I love the internet, it’s usually because we’ve all gotten together to CLOWN as a collective about some awards show or major event. And lemme tell you: this one was the SUPERBOWL of shenanigans.
Whew. I’m still crying laughing and now cannot unsee this. 😅😅😅

Anywho, let’s jump into what’s on my mind this week.


I hate getting cold calls in the middle of the day. Hate it. Lose my number.

​You know when you’re in the middle of a work day, all in the zone and then you get a phone call you weren’t expecting. Yeah, I don’t know why but it makes me rage when that happens.

And I’m not talking about calls from my family or friends. In fact, THEY are the only ones I wanna hear from randomly. I WELCOME THOSE (and if I can’t pick up, I’ll call em back when I finish my meeting. Me and my sister Kofo are GOOD for calling each other at random times to kiki during the day. It’s a highlight).

But calls from folks like my pharmacy or from a random thing I signed up for so this is their way of “closing the sale” make me wanna fight. And I end up going “Can I ask why you’re calling me instead of emailing me?” Because I literally wanna know what possessed them to think that at 2:43pm on a Tuesday afternoon, someone would be available to do a random call. And then I’m the one that’s rude because I’m wondering why you playing on my phone without being scheduled.

Blocked - Wonderwoman

Truly. There’s a special place that resides on my last nerves for cold callers. These people seem to have a sixth sense for the most inconvenient times to dial my number.

Whew lawd.

In conclusion, I might need to start putting my phone on silent instead of just vibrate.


Sometimes, enough is enough.

​This week, I watched an incredibly vulnerable video from a creator who suddenly shut down her 7-figure business a year ago. She disappeared from social and has spent the last year figuring out the type of life she wants to live. And how one of the things she realized is that she is in the pursuit of doing less.

And it had me thinking of how often we are convinced and convince ourselves that we need to do more, personally or professionally. We think adding more to our plates will make us happier, more successful and more fulfilled. Then we do it and hit walls and burn out and live in the default of overwhelm.

In the relentless pursuit of more, we often find ourselves caught in a cycle that demands constant expansion and never-ending scaling. We want to do more, make more friends, go from 6 figures to 7 figures to 8 figures in a neverending pursuit of goals that move constantly because we keep striving.

We have pressure to live bigger lives, and maybe we should start asking ourselves “what is enough?” WHAT IS ENOUGH?

What salary number means we make enough? What number of friends is enough? When is the life we live ENOUGH? And what if enough is enough without the yearn for more?

When is the life we live ENOUGH - Quote Graphic

For many of us, greatness is the goal, but I fear that we conflate GREATNESS and LOTS OF THINGS. Because we could be great at a SINGULAR pursuit. We could have GREAT friends and they might not fill a small room up. We could make GREAT money even if we don’t have millions sitting in the bank.

What is enough?

In a world that equates success with size and growth with greatness, there’s profound strength in recognizing that sometimes, what we have and have built is vast enough. It’s about understanding that our worth isn’t measured by the expanse of our ventures but by the depth of our impact. It’s about knowing that the choice to not pursue bigger isn’t a sign of complacency but a bold declaration of contentment.


I’m sitting with this myself, self reflecting on my own definition of enough. It’s leading me to appreciate the beauty in deep diving into the parts of my work that truly energize me, rather than spreading myself thin in the pursuit of more. It’s in these moments of focus that the magic happens, where my creativity isn’t stifled by the burden of expansion but is instead nurtured in the depth of leaning into my purpose and finding joy.

This requires a bit of life auditing, like a closet purging (which I do every quarter). What still fits me? KEEP. What bores me or doesn’t energize me? LET GO.

​It’s empowering choice to say ‘no’ to the external pressures and ‘yes’ to the internal callings that lights up your soul. Growth doesn’t always have to mean getting bigger. Sometimes, the most powerful growth happens within, in the quiet acknowledgment that what we have and where we are, is already good enough.


Get epic moisture for your hair with Donna’s Recipe!

​As I shared in last week’s LuvvLetter, we celebrate Black History Month YEAR around here, and that means we always do whatever we can to buy BLACK. But this month, I am going out of my way to support Black-owned businesses that have found distribution at large retailers. We need to show those big box stores that these products belong on those shelves all year long.

Between the dry winter air we live through in Chicago and my perpetual need to keep coloring my hair, one of the things that is saving me right now is Donna’s Recipe Sweet Potato Pie Hair Cream. Donna’s Recipe is the haircare brand founded by everyone’s fave auntie Tabitha Brown!

Donna's Recipe

My hair can get SUPERDRY so I gotta use layers of product to keep it from giving cactus 🌵. So every day, I wet it, and use this cream. It’s thick but goes on lightweight, without feeling greasy. Plus, in true Tabitha form, it’s clean and vegan. And it makes your hair smell like yummy sweet potato pie,with vanilla and cinnamon sprinkles. Tab really did that with this formula.


So to my dry hair peoples, try this and the other products in their line out.

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you – what is something in your life that feels ENOUGH? 🤔 Comment below and lemme know.

Disclaimer: I receive commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this newsletter. All thoughts and vouching are mine. I keep it true.

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