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On Multitasking, Mistakes and a Mission

After a year away hiatus, I am finally back with my Professional Troublemaker podcast! I took the time off to work on Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess, but I’ve really missed it. This week, I dropped the first episode of my 4th season, and lemme tell you, I also dropped the ball as I did it. 😩 More on that in my rant, but take a listen wherever you get your podcast fix.

And if you’re a parent of a little kid (especially ages 4-8), you can actually listen to the next 5 episodes with them because I’m exploring all things Little Troublemaker. This first episode is a Letter to My Younger Self, and I tell Little Luvvie 5 things I always want her to remember.

Anywho, let’s jump into why I facepalmed several times this week. 🤦🏾‍♀️


I hate when I multitask myself into mistakes.

One of my toxic traits is I feel like I can do it all, and I can do it all at once. I’m good for listening to something while writing something while on a phone call. I don’t know who I think I am but I legit be like Spongebob in this meme:

Sometimes I’m literally talking to my team about content and emails that need to go out while I’m boarding a plane, so I’m trying to get at least 3 of their 5 questions answered before take off. Or, I’m tryna wrap up a call while my makeup artist is trying to finish my face before an event that starts in 30 minutes. 😬

And as much as I know that multitasking doesn’t work and our brains are really not wired for it, I still do it. 🤸🏾‍♀️This week, it bit me in the ass and I was left feeling like I had egg on my face. 😵‍💫

Again, my podcast has been on pause for a year, so I was READY for the comeback this week. When the final file for the episode was ready, I went and uploaded it to my podcast directory, I scheduled it to go live, then I went about my business. The next day when I woke up, the episode had dropped into thousands of devices around the world, so I’m thinking it’s business as usual. Then I started getting DMs from people saying they’re hearing the parts where I had to re-read lines and do pickups. 😦😳

I had uploaded the wrong file! The first draft file, before all my mistakes were edited out. FAMMMM!!! 😭😭😭

After ONE YEAR of being quiet on the podcast, the first episode back had errors? 😩😭 Dawg. I was appalled at myself. I was moving too fast, doing too much and it led to that. I got chin-checked by my own bad habit of thinking I can do it all and it made me remember that I am my best when I am focused and tunnel-visioned, not spread thin trying to do it all.

But I will say, it really was something that made me reflect on grace and self-compassion. 🤔 Let me explain that.


When things go wrong, self-compassion is critical work.

I ended up re-uploading the new edited file to the podcast directories, mid-day. But by then, people who had downloaded the episode already were still hearing the faulty first draft and I was like 😩😩😩.

I pride myself on putting out consistently good work. That excellence has helped me build my career and my name. And this upload error felt like a big mistake for me to make. 😢 I felt like there were chinks in my armor. It went against some of my biggest values. I felt embarrassed. 😞

And it was one more moment of Murphy’s Law that feels like it has been in effect these last few months, where a lot of things that could go wrong have gone wrong. My girl Macy Robison offered up this alternate take to Murphy’s Law. She said, “Because I believe there’s opposition in all things, whenever a whole bunch of stuff goes wrong, I’m left wondering about the potential for good that is being created and why things might be rising up to block it.” ← A GOOD WORD.

The blocks have been STRONG, ok??? The weapons have been forming, but they’re NOT going to prosper. So I’m like, there must be some massive blessing coming! 🙌🏾

But I HAVE to believe that when things are being chaotic, there’s something amazing on the other side. 🙏🏾

And what’s interesting about all of this, is that for this week’s podcast, in the letter to my younger self, one of the things that I told younger me was that it was okay to make mistakes. 🥺 You will learn and grow from them. BUT I didn’t mean to be ministering to myself, adult me in that moment! 🥲

Then I thought about Little Luvvie, the girl I wrote Little Troublemaker Makes a Mess for. The girl I wanna protect more than anything. I really do owe that girl some grace and self-compassion. The type I give to other people. I need to remind her (and me) that we can still fall on our face and be okay. That while I make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again, I can grow each time.

I’m meeting little me over and over again because that is literally the lesson she learns in the book. I thought I was teaching Little Luvvie something but she’s teaching me along the way too 🥹. As I’m talking about this book, I am being reparented. I’m relearning the lessons inside it myself. It’s making me think about me as a little kid, who really just wanted to make people smile and do good things. I need to show her some mercy.

So this is a reminder to all of us and Little us: your mistakes don’t define you, and you don’t deserve to beat yourself up for them. You deserve the compassion you’d give to the person you love most. Chin up, kid.


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Excited for the possibilities!

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