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Aaliyah Passed 10 Years Ago and Twitter Acts A Complete Fool In Her Honor

There are certain times when the folks on Twitter make me shake my head vigorously. Anytime it comes to the death of a celebrity, some of the people on Twitter act like complete dummies with no home training or couth. Folks make me pull out my post on the Stages …

Snoop at the Last Supper
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The Bible, As Told in 2053. Or Through Blogs

I was bored so I started thinking of what would happen if they came out with the new Bible in like 2053. Or maybe even today. How would the stories be told differently? How it would be covered by blogosphere and others. 2053 Bible is probably gon say Jonah got …

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The 25 Dumbest Tweets of 2010

Twitter: A place for people to share their thoughts. A place for celebrities and public figures to connect with their fans and supporters. An English major’s nightmare. I want to forget these tweets. So with a heavy heart and deep sigh, I present to you: The Top 25 Dumbest Tweets of the Year.

Stages of Social Media Grief of Celebrity Deaths
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The Stages of Social Media Grief of Celebrity Deaths

I analyzed the process of grieving on Twitter when celebrities die, and it’s the same cycle each time, with the theatrics at the highest levels.

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Luvvie’s Christmas Sweater: Last Year’s Roast

Last year, I blessed the world by putting my avatar in a DELIGHTFUL sweater to celebrate the holidays. The Christmas spirit was RIPE in me. So y’all know I had to dress for the occasion! I presented the world with my sweater. And DAGNABBIT I looked ADORABO in it. But …

Willow Smith

For Colored Girls Who Considered Ratchetness When Foolery Wasn’t Enuf

There are times when I use my blog as a “never forget the foolishness” notes clipper. This might be one of them. I was on Twitter last night when this foolishness kicked off. We decided to start a “For Colored Girls Who…” meme. 1 hour later, I had laughed so …

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BasseyWorldLive was the Reunion of Ratchetness

One of the things I was looking forward to the most on my trip to New York City was BasseyWorldLive. You see… Bassey Ikpi is a dope poet who has been on Def Poetry Jam and errthing. She’s also one of the best folks on Twitter, which is where she …

Lil Cease
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5 Reasons Why I Love Lil Cease

Me and Jia decided to start a Lil Cease Fan Club on accord of Cease being super cool and stuff. He even tweeted and followed us on Twitter. Unlike another “Lil” dude. Hmph. Shoo… WE LOVE CEASE! #Cease4Life So I decided to come up with 5 reasons why I love Lil Cease.

Gout WebMD
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WebMD is a Dramatic Hypochondriac. And I Might Have Gout

The Information SuperHighway aka The Innawebs is a gift and a curse. Remember when you had to go to the library to find out something? And then we got computers in the crib and Microsoft Encarta was the joint! (Yes, we fancy, huh?) Anyway, now that we have Google, all …

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The Library of Congress Got Your Tweets

So this happened: After I finished saying a really drawn out “WOWWWW.” I realized that with THAT tweet, a lot of folks’ chances of ever running for public office just spiraled down the drain of life. That tweet just murked some hopes and dreams. Yes, yall. the Library of Congress, …