Old White Folks Rapping For Jesus

You know? The internet is truly the Den of Iniquity. When I was sent the link of the video below, the moment I pressed play, I realized I shoulda just walked away. Because. For reasons. Just watch. *faints* Iunno if this is real or not but West Dubuque 2nd Church …

Snoop at the Last Supper
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The Bible, As Told in 2053. Or Through Blogs

I was bored so I started thinking of what would happen if they came out with the new Bible in like 2053. Or maybe even today. How would the stories be told differently? How it would be covered by blogosphere and others. 2053 Bible is probably gon say Jonah got …

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Jesus Had Haters. You Have Side-eye Givers

You know who annoys the heck outta me? People who always talk about how they got haters. REGLASS people too. If I come across one more Facebook status talmbout “Haters are mad right now. They see me up there.” What haters? Up where? Who are you? Why are you on …