Grant Yourself Grace (with Tai Beauchamp) – Episode 36 of Rants & Randomness

My peoples! This week, I’m bringing you another episode of Rants and Randomness!

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On this episode, I’m feeling good about the holiday season – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m soaking up all of the positive vibes from my home in Chicago. I’m ranting about the glorification of homeownership and celebrating renters who defy expectations by making smart money moves. And I’m focused on Humans of New York, an incredible photo platform that shines a light on the lives of real New Yorkers. Plus, I’m sitting down with award-winning producer, TV host, and creative consultant Tai Beauchamp to talk about finding purpose in our personal and professional lives.

Feel Good

The holidays are finally here, and I’m excited to celebrate Christmas at home in Chicago. There must be something in the air right now–everything is sparkly, people are nicer, and kids behave better because they want to impress Santa. Or maybe it’s the fact that people are more reflective at the end of the year, when they can look back and appreciate everything they have, and everything that they’ve learned.

So even though I’m looking forward to less work and more food, I’m also taking the time to be kinder, more intentional, and more appreciative of my loved ones. If this is the season of giving, let’s give off some positive vibes as we say goodbye to 2019 and enter a new decade.

My Rant

At the same time, I think that everyone has the right to appreciate the gifts in their own lives, and to recognize that their blessings may be a burden for others. And that’s why I am sick of the way that our society glorifies homeownership–especially when it revolves around in their 20s and 30s.

I’m a proud homeowner, but I made the decision to buy a home because it was the right choice for me at this point in my life. There are millions of Americans who rent and feel happier than they would have if they were house poor. Let’s celebrate people who make smart financial decisions, instead of writing them off because their homes don’t meet our lofty expectations.

My Randomness

I’m loving Humans of New York, an online platform that highlights the personal stories of more than 10,000 people. Brandon Stanton went to the streets of Manhattan with a camera and his vision for a photo catalog of real New Yorkers, and ten years later, he has more than 18 million followers on social media. Check out his work by heading to the Humans of New York Facebook page!

My Guest: Tai Beauchamp

And speaking of storytelling, my guest for Episode 36 is the brilliant Tai Beauchamp! In this interview, we’re talking about the importance of living purposefully, both personally and professionally. Tune in to the podcast to learn more about her journey from her childhood home in East Orange, New Jersey to the creative teams at O Magazine, Seventeen, and her latest venture, Cleo TV’s Lens of Culture.

As an award-winning producer, TV host, and creative consultant, Tai is known for helping brands tell meaningful stories to their audiences. From the early days of her career at O Magazine and Seventeen to her work as the host and producer of Cleo TV’s Lens of Culture, she continues to shine a spotlight on real-world issues from her unique perspective as a black millennial.

Now, Tai is launching Beyond Ready, a virtual e-learning and online events experience that provides coaching and business development advice for people who want to purposefully pursue their dreams. Her passion for mentoring others through authentic storytelling is amazing, and it shines throughout our interview.

Download the transcript for some more inspiration. This is an episode that you’ll want to listen to, again and again!

Follow Tai all over these interwebs at @taibeau.

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Download Episode 36 Transcript
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