Push Past Your Walls (with Jessamyn Stanley) – Episode 35 of Rants & Randomness

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In this episode, I’m feeling good about getting my second book deal. I’m ranting about the fact that there are way too many streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, Disney+…I’ve tried them all). And I’m shining a light on Lit Brooklyn, a candle company that is helping me feed my seasonal scent obsession. Plus, I’m sitting down with amazing Jessamyn Stanley – download the transcript to get all the gems from our interview.

This episode of Rants and Randomness is brought to you by Universal Pictures’ Queen and Slim, a film about black love. It was written by the Emmy Award-winning Lena Waithe and directed by Grammy Award-winning Melina Matsoukas, with an amazing cast of actors and actresses.

Feel Good

It’s official – my second book, The Fear Fighter Manual, will be available soon at a retailer near you! And getting this news was even sweeter because it came on the anniversary of my first book release. I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual has transformed my career, and I can’t wait to share some of the ways that my experiences have helped me conquer fear and embrace everyday opportunities.

My Rant

And while we’re talking about entertainment: is it possible for us to have too many options? To realize that we are surrounded by movies, television shows, and limited series that can only pull us away from the real world?

Because I love streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, but I can’t watch them 24/7. And at some point, I have to admit that I am paying for too many platforms, that offer too many videos that I will never watch.

Y’all, it’s time for us to cut back. It’s time for us to choose between Power and Toy Story 4, HBO and the BBC, DC and Marvel…or we could not. We could just try to catch ‘em all.

My Randomness

I’m sending love to Lit Brooklyn, because they are helping me deal with my candle obsession. Their products smell amazing, and I have one of Denequa Williams Clark’s scents in every room in my house. Visit their website, www.litbklyn.com, to take a closer look at their candles and find the perfect options for your home.

My Guest: Jessamyn Stanley

My special guest for Episode 35 is author, activist, and inspirational yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley. For years, Jessamyn has used Vinyasa yoga to break past her own mental and emotional barriers. As the founder of The Underbelly Yoga, her classes celebrate body positivity while inviting new and experienced practitioners to connect with their feelings in an authentic way. And her empowering message has transformed the lives of thousands of people – Jessamyn has been featured in national and international media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Daily Mail, New York Magazine, The Sunday Times, and The New York Times.


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