Love Yourself More (with Devi Brown) – Episode 48 of Rants & Randomness

My people! You are going to love this week’s episode of Rants & Randomness.

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I’m talking to my friend Devi Brown – Chief Impact Officer at Chopra Global, wellness expert and author, multi-media host, magical unicorn, and mom. Devi is certified in Primordial Sound Meditation, Spiritual Psychology, and Energy Healing. She regularly teaches in LA, as well as leads retreats and events internationally. After over a decade of working in hip hop entertainment as a radio and TV host, she answered her calling to become an advocate for women of color in the wellness space.

Devi’s company KARMA BLISS is devoted to spiritual connection meant to aid in the healing of generational trauma. Through her best-selling book Crystal Bliss and her podcast Dropping Gems, Devi’s work is rooted in sharing tangible healing modalities with millennial and generation Z women of color in support of whole-life enhancement.


This is a healing and beautiful conversation where we’re talking all about how Devi transitioned from a huge career in hip-hop radio and broadcasting to doing the work she does today, why healing your inner child is vital (and how to go about doing it), and how we can find our way to our own spiritual practices. Be sure to follow Devi on social media. She’s @DeviBrown on Instagram.

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Download Episode 48 Transcript
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