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Opening For Kerry Washington at BlogHer, Awesomely Golden, Chaka Khan Concert: My Next 3 Weeks

This week begins an action-packed 3 weeks for me and it will be madness but it’s the good kind. By mid August, I will be in need of a getaway, which I’m getting (3 days in Mexico)! I’m looking forward to all of it. Y’all know I like to bring you along on my adventures. Let’s talk about it.

I’m opening for Kerry Washington at BlogHer.

blogher 2014 logo

This week, from July 24-26 is the 10th annual BlogHer Conference, in San Jose, CA. I’m a veteran of the conference, having attended 4 of the last 5 and I’ve spoken at those 4. I even co-hosted the fashion show last year with my ace boon goon, Afrobella. This year, to celebrate the milestone of a decade of community-building, BlogHer has chosen 10 bloggers as part of the 10×10 project. It’s to highlight those who have made “significant contributions to, had impact on, or been inspired and/or supported as part of the BlogHer community, and as creative citizens of the Internet.”

Each 10×10 speaker will be speaking on the main stage at various times during the conference for 10 minutes to reflect on their journey, lessons and memories from the past decade of blogging. Kerry Washington is keynoting the conference on Saturday (interview style by Demetria Lucas aka A Belle in Brooklyn), and guess what speaker is right before her? MEEEEEEEE!!! I am her opening act and I HAZ THE EXCITES! WHOOOOOOTTT!!!

I tweeted it and Kerry replied and I almost passed out.

Kerry Washington to Luvvie

This is gonna be great! I will take pics when I meet her (again. We actually met in February 2012, a month before Scandal started).

You’re probably wondering “What will you wear?” I’m not sure yet but it won’t be white. Because: reasons like “too obvious.” We shall see. The next question might be “will it be livestreamed?” Unfortunately not. I hope it’s recorded, though so yall can see later. I HOPE.

Whew! Yes. GEEKED.

Awesomely Golden Blog Party 

This blog launched on August 8, 2006. This year is its golden birthday and to celebrate, I’m having the Awesomely Golden party in Chicago on August 8 from 6-10 pm. The party will bring together digital influencers and 150 supporters and readers of this site will join me for an evening of games, food, drinks, gifts, good music and good times! There will be gift bags for all attendees, prizes throughout the evening and an intense dance battle that I am SO excited for. And the candy/sweets bar = ALL THE RED VELVETS!

This is my first time throwing a party for myself and I’ve earned an evening of celebration. I don’t often stop to high five myself and 8 years of this site has made my life golden. Chicago readers, I hope you can make it.

AweGolden-Invite2 copy

Awesomely Golden is happening at CityPoint Loft (110 E. 23rd St.). Get your tickets on the Awesomely Golden event page. When they’re sold out, they’re SOLD OUT (most of the tics are sold already) because I’m not trying to have my venue fight me. I say this because I know how folks wait and then when they’re gone, there is a sense of urgency. Don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up.

SEE YALL THERE! Oh, and come casual fly. This is the event that Chucks and dope graphic tees would be right on the money. You can be in heels too but again, just be fly and comfortable. Be in shoes that you can dance in.

I’m working on possibly livestreaming it so I’ll let y’all know if that will happen. We shall see.

I’m still looking for sponsors, btw (especially for money, liquor and food). Email me at Luvvie at aweluv dot com if you want in.

Either way, PORDEE TIME!!!

Party Time Ang gif

Chaka Khan Concert Benefitting Red Pump

The excitement just keeps coming! The day after Awesomely Golden, is another dope event in Chicago. A really dope organization Music is My 1st Love has partnered with The Red Pump Project (my national nonprofit) for a benefit concert on August 9. The ICONIC Chaka Khan is headlining a concert at the Chicago Theater to help us celebrate Red Pump turning 5 years old in March!

Red Pump believes that when HIV/AIDS affects one woman, it affects us all. And who better to get that message across than the legendary Chaka, with songs like “I’m every woman.” The woman is bold and we could not be any more excited to have her. This concert will be AMAZING!

MIM1L - Chaka Khan Promo Small

Syleena Johnson will be opening for Chaka and Damon Williams is hosting.

Tickets to the concert are on Ticketmaster! Getchu a piece because the concert will be rocking. I gotta go find me a new pair of red pumps for this occasion. My seamstress is making me a cute dress too.

Oh and that morning, Karyn and I will be riding a float at the Bud Billiken Parade with the Black McDonald’s Owner Association. I told you it was going to be the best kind of madness.

WHEW! If you need me, I’ll be taking naps on credit. I can’t even complain because hard work paying off means more hard work.

Thank you, God. You are awesome.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram (@Luvvie) where I’ll be posting pics of all this good stuff. A lot of it doesn’t make it to my FB fan page so getchu some. My Kerry and Chaka pics will just be… YESSSSS!!!

Will I be seeing some of you?

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  1. Londa
    July 21, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Congratulations, Luvvie. I am so super proud of, and excited for, you! Get your sparkle on girl. Have fun!

  2. July 21, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Congratulations on everything, Luvvie! Up and away your star rises! I am happy to be a speck in your stardust as a fan and reader! 🙂

  3. Rix Aye!
    July 25, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Congratulations Luvvie!!! You deserve all of this awesomeness!! I was put on to your blog the first season of Scandal and I have not looked back. God Bless you! This is the only time that I wish I lived in the Chi 🙂