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Remember When Kerry Opened For Me At BlogHer? The Video of My Talk is Here!

Remember that time when I went to BlogHer and at first I was going to open for Kerry Washington but she ended up opening for me? YESSSSS! You remember. That was last month. I got on the main stage and talked about being authentically myself online, how I play with …

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Selfie with Kerry Washington, Met the Bloggess and More: My BlogHer 2014 Recap

BlogHer 2014 was my 5th one in 6 years and it might be the most memorable one yet. This was also he 4th one where I was speaking. It was also my first time in San Jose. It celebrated BlogHer’s 10th anniversary so it made sense that this had to …

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Opening For Kerry Washington at BlogHer, Awesomely Golden, Chaka Khan Concert: My Next 3 Weeks

This week begins an action-packed 3 weeks for me and it will be madness but it’s the good kind. By mid August, I will be in need of a getaway, which I’m getting (3 days in Mexico)! I’m looking forward to all of it. Y’all know I like to bring …

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4 Reasons Why BlogHer 2013 Rocked

Over a week ago, BlogHer rolled into Chicago for their annual conference and I had to be there. Not only was it on my home turf but it’s one of the conferences I try not to miss every year. This was my 4th time at a BlogHer Conference in the …

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The Makeup Show, BWB, BlogHer Etc: Where I’m Speaking This Summer

My peoples! As you may know, I sometimes work (because these shoes won’t buy themselves). I’m a digital strategist and I teach people and organizations on social media, communications, blogging, technology, branding and online advocacy/activism and more. This summer (which I consider June 1st and on because reasons), I’m speaking …

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I Had a Blast at BlogHer 2012!

I attended my 3rd BlogHer conference a week and a half ago, and it was my 2nd BlogHer where I was a speaker. I was only able to go for 2 days, instead of 3 but I had a GRAND time while there. Lemme tells ya. That conference is truly …

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Sh*t One White Girl Said to Luvvie, Chescaleigh, Nicole and Tina at BlogHer

This weekend, I was standing in a circle at BlogHer 2012 with Chescaleigh, Nicole Blades and Tina Shoulders and we were just shooting the breeze talmbout random things. Then a woman joins us and goes “carry on with your conversation.” She happened to be white and we said hi’s and …

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I’m Speaking at BlogHer with Issa Rae, Chescaleigh and Dr. Goddess!

This week, I’m headed to New York City to speak at BlogHer 2012, and I’m super excited! This is my second time and I’m just as geeked as I was 2 years ago. In 2010, I moderated the “Humor Writing Lab” with Lizz Winstead (co-creator of the Daily Show) and …

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Life’s Wops of Glory Announcements

Honestly, 2012 has been an EPIC year for me and it isn’t even half over. God has been doing the wop of glory in my life this year and I’m ever so thankful for His blessings. Every opportunity I’ve received has felt like a holy shove in the right direction …

Lizz Winstead, Jessica Bern and I after our Humor panel at BlogHer '10
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BlogHer 2010 Was Awesome: My Recap

BlogHer 2010 was THE BEST! So I’m back from the East Coast, and I must say that was the BEST. TRIP. EVER!!! I’ve traveled a decent amount of times this past year but these last 5 days were hands down the best time I’ve ever had outta town. The whole …