This Season of “America” Has Jumped the Shark

This season of “America” jumped the shark a long time ago but I can’t stop watching. Because they’ve taped our eyes wide open. All we can do is throw tomatoes on the screen and vote for new writers because it’s a complete dumpster fire. These writers have to go because that writer’s room is a shit show. These past few years with Cheeto Satan in office have felt like the cameras have been rolling this whole time and someone is about to shout “You’re Fired!”

The showrunners for this show need to go and we need to get something new because this is not working. Below are some of y’all’s comments and it seems like we’re all on the same page about this season!

Anywho, I said this on Facebook, and the people of LuvvNation feel me on this.

Maritza: I’m waiting for the main character to go upstairs and come back downplayed by someone else – I hear if we do it right that will happen after Nov. 3rd ????

Timitra: What you said! Don’t even do a series finale. Can this show just be canceled? And don’t nan other network pick this ish up.

Tamikca: Its like that show Bandersnatch where you choose your own adventure… Only people are trying to choose the one that ends very very very badly… I hope enough of us can vote for a better ending…

Laura: Send Stephen Miller back to Hell. Tell him to bring his minion with him.

Kyna: All I can say is where the hell is Jamie Lannister when you need him

Robyn: 2020 has been the worst season of this four year circus, ever. Very unrealistic. Do not recommend.

Liorah: I need more tomatoes. All the tomatoes.

Mary: I thought we were throwing cans of soup?

Christine: It feels like a weird 80s sitcom with characters coming back from the dead, plot holes, and the audience is supposed to buy it. Because that’s how Trump treats us smh…

Sheri: I’ve heard there could be a series finale coming up and then we get to subscribe to a new show after that.

Stephanie: This show had to move to HBO because the villains were too horrible for network TV.

Mary: All they’re missing are bad wigs… oh wait…

Tiwan: This pandemic story line really sucks and I hate this time line

Gena: I just need to know who the Show runner is….I blame them

Nico: The writers could turn things around if a Trump property got hit with a climate change-induced fire tornado while the White House was surrounded by murder hornets as Trump is voted out in the finale.

Jen: Terrible writers for this season. Worse than when Mork and Mindy had Jonathan Winters. Fire them all.

Sara: We all think clowns are creepy and yet we keep showing up to watch this circus….

Courtney: We desperately need a new showrunner. And one who follows Shonda Rhimes’ important rule of thumb: no a-holes.

Erika: I’m praying for a writer’s strike so the season ends early.

Danielle: And the donuts are stale. This place is ghetto…

Alexa: I actually saw “Battlefield Earth” at the movie theater. This movie is even worse.

Dionne: This latest episode where Ms. Rona got her foot on 45’s neck has been pretty entertaining, though.

Kelle: We want a new leading character because I’m not entertained by this foolishness.

Felecia: Come on, series finale! Put us out of our misery

Arlovely: A whole, ass, shit show! I’m so tired of this show. It needs to be cancelled!

Kristin: Thank you for posting. Your thoughts have really been comforting amongst this constant chaos.

Christian: Me: Ok that’s enough. 2020 like a late night infomercial: BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!!!

Carmen: This is a direct quote from my horoscope reading this month: “October is due to be a unique month that will not be easy for any of us. The planets will be in a frenzy, the likes of which I have rarely seen. If you feel you’ve seen enough surprises this year, I am sorry to report that there will be a slew of them in October.”

Esmee: Can’t wait to see the outtakes.

Camille: I feel like we’ve all been on a Truman Show type global social experiment thing for a while. Everybody from the Producer to the dude who gets the coffee orders is trash.

Sharon: Even Telemundo would turn down this script as being too unbelievable!

DeShawn: I feel like we’re in an endless episode of Rick and Morty. When are the giant heads going to show up to cancel this sucka

rick and morty show me what you got

Elia: Too bad we haven’t got the option of sailing to the edge of the studio and exiting via a hidden door.

Nia: Indefensible. This shit show is proof that NO ONE can control the naked emperor – Trump.

Sienna: Hoping in the last episode we find out it was all a dream.

Bekki: Season 4 of American Shitshow needs to end. Now.

Mouhamadou: The writer’s room, the directors, and the producers gotta go!

Tina: Just please don’t leave the plot twists to M. Night Shyamalan. Our nerves are bad enough.

Raven: There is clearly no B613 on this show because…never mind

Sweetz: Just hope & pray that we get enough votes for new writers.

Christina: Yeah this show is getting to be too predictable and the characters are played out. Time for some new material and new faces…i do look forward to the season finale…you know the one where the bad guy goes to jail? I’ll be ready with my popcorn…oh and I’ll be serving chocolate pie to my salty non-supportive neighbors

Stacy: This is what is gonna happen if this show gets any worse! America is the train!

Holly: I keep saying that the 45th season of America isn’t believable. At least in seasons 1-44 there was the faking of some kind of competence and sanity by SOMEONE. And if we were lucky that person was the President, or the First Lady with the help of an astrologer, or a dude with an upsetting wig/ strange facial hair, or a dog named Checkers, or the President’s undersecretary of something. The most unsettling thing about this is it feels like nobody has a clue. At this point, I’ll settle for a hero’s journey wherein the janitor who cleans the Oval saves us all from certain doom.

Francie: I vote no reruns of 2020 in 2021!


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