ThumbsUp Trumpledick and Disaster Barbie to the Hurricane Harvey Rescue!

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc in Texas, the people of Houston and Beaumont have been in our thoughts and prayers. Even during such a serious time, Cheeto Satan and company couldn’t help but embarrass themselves and act the complete OPPOSITE of how a president and first lady should behave.

On their way to Texas yesterday, look at the First Couple of fools…

Melania Trump in the new Hurricane Harvey SS17 runway collection. Who doesn’t need a pair of 5 inch stilettos to wade through waist deep water? I mean, you can’t comfort a suffering city without reminding them that at the end of the tunnel is a squinting white lady to receive you in her Air KneeBreak black heels. And her dumbass thumbs up giving buffoon of a husband.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling comforted already, knowing Squinty McGee and Squirrelwig McRacistpants are coming to Houston’s rescue. Except they didn’t even touch down in Houston, going to Corpus Christi instead. Fuckasses. They are the true worst. It’s for the best, though, since the people of Houston have suffered more than enough.

Anyways, I shared this photo on my Awesomely Luvvie Facebook page and LuvvNation served up some serious side-eye in the comments.

Terrence: Reporter: Do you have anything to say about the catastrophic flooding in Houston, Mrs. Trump?
Melania: When they go low, we go high. *boards helicopter*

Ty: As we see, Dolt 45 and Natasha Badenov are wearing Air Covfefe XLV’s, for when you want to be chic when pandering to people hit by catastrophic disasters. Free MAGA hat and “Thoughts And Prayers” poster with every 15th purchase.

Carrie: But she has on her top gun inspired, perfectly-distressed-by-orphans-in-a-third-world-country-she’s-never-heard-of, $6k bomber style jacket. She’s totes ready for the photo shoot.

Megan: And the matching aviators too. Hurricane is the same as Top Gun, right?!

Meghan: Honestly my first thought this morning was sooo how much does her silk designer bomber jacket cost and how many rescues could it fund. And the shoes oh holy mother of dragons who wears those to a flood.

Kimberly: Thank you for judging….I’ve been wanting to talk shit about her shoes all morning.

Stacy: I already talked shit about her shoes and I was promptly reprimanded that she would be changing them into something much more sensible…..or some bullshit like that when she got to her destination. I also talked shit about her wearing her husband’s prize jacket that he won from the Army or whoever so glibly handed out the jacket to the five time draft dodger!

Pat: Doesn’t she at least play tennis or something? She could’ve at least worn tennis shoes or some kind boot with a modest heel. They look like two fools.

Melissa: I bet the Nectarine Noriega doesn’t let her wear flats when he’s around.

Pat: Perhaps she doesn’t know any better but I just think it’s thoughtless to wear clothes like that when you are supposed to be comforting the city of Houston, the state of Texas and the country as a whole. Also her husband is throwing thumbs up signs. What is wrong with these people? Sigh.

Kate: It is totally petty; but I mean, COME ON, people have lost everything and she looks like she stepped off a runway. They aren’t that oblivious and insensitive, are they?

Vicki: I’m thankful we, the petty, have a congregation with which to fellowship.

Michelle: They showed up to do what? Both should have “showed up” in some water proof wading pants on a boat rescuing folks. She “showed up” in heel. Ain’t no work getting done.

Mak: These two might be the only motherfuckers more tone deaf than Mariah Carey. Maleficient and Yugge Squirrelwig are useless.

Jaclyn: He should at least contribute to the recovery. Ya know, take that hair off and sop up some of that water or plug up a levee. At least be useful…

Erika: I bet that damn toupee could mop up at least 500 gallons.

Rayna: Rest assured everything will be ok now, he gave the  and she brought her good shoes.

Rayna: We can only hope that they tighten up and cut off all circulation as soon as they touch flood water.

Mindy: They aren’t even going to Houston. They are going to Corpus and Austin. Texas has a big enough disaster on their hands without this shit show blowing in.

Jozzlyn: They would have fucked some shit up if they would have stayed. I can see it now… Ummm President Tangerine and 1st Lady No’Melanin can y’all get out the way.

Rayna: I was really just hoping they would go into the flood and the water would enter a tiny cut in their feet and die of an infection that had no cure after years of pain. I don’t ask for much.

Erika: The heels, either before the flight or after were tone deaf, under the circumstances. The $8,000 “bomber jacket” didn’t help, either. People have lost everything. The water rose so fast they are escaping in the soaking wet clothes on their backs and Madame Clueless is rubbing it in their faces.

Karen:  Does the above individual not even understand that she will undoubtedly ruin her $1,000+ pumps by traipsing around on the wet grass and mud, where the heels will sink into the ground while she is walking, puddles that can’t be jumped over, etc.??? Makes me wonder just wth she is there for in the first place. A Hurricane Harvey fashion shoot? Eye candy for the Narcissist-in-Chief? Not surprised, though, because nothing in this administration surprises me anymore. I have little doubt that 45 and his Stepford Wife will sink as low as possible during their tenure in the White House, and I am more than terrified because however long that is, it will be too long. Far too long. Don’t even ask me what I think of Melanoma and her past…you’ll receive far more than an earful!!

Allison: She’s not leaving the tarmac unless it’s to go to a car then onto a dry location. She wouldn’t dare be out in the elements.

Erika: You know damn well she isn’t doing anything else but taking a goddamn picture and sitting her ass back on the plane.

Tee: Him and that stupid thumbs up with his stupid baby hands! Ughhhhhhh!

Biafra: To paraphrase the great Jay-Z, “She don’t cook or clean, or kill a racist, semi-sentient bag of spoiled egg salad, but she dress her ass off and her walk is mean.”

Neesha: Her outfits are the silver lining of this God forsaken administration. Damnit, we have to enjoy SOMETHING about it for the next 3 & a half years. We deserve at least that much.

Montra: As a Houstonian, after telling us “Good Luck,” he don’t even need to come.

Tee: Exactly. “Good luck”? In a natural catastrophic disaster?!? This is not a 6 year old’s first t-ball game. Good luck. Pffft.

Tamiko: She was dressed for a photo op while people are dying and losing their homes… that’s a lot of cognitive dissonance on both of y’all end…Like those are red bottoms…she has zero chill for a natural disaster…

Anastasia: Previous first ladies traveled in the flats and sneakers ready to hug, serve food to those affected.

Jana: We already had a blowhard come through and destroy everything; why do we need another one?

Kristen: My favorite thing about Melania Trump is that she always looks confused… “where are we? How did I even get here? What am I supposed to be doing?”

Amy: Right?! She probably went to her doctor and said what’s the strongest sedative known to man you can give me to get through the next four years?

Tiffany: She always looks like she smells something awful…Maybe she does?

Don: “Which pair of designer shoes should I wear today? I hope my husband doesn’t try to touch me again.”

Melissa: Resting Duh Face.

Andreana: Announcing Melania’s hurricane line for the woman who needs to be ready for any natural disaster.

Dana: First step: don’t marry one 

Melissa: From the Let Them Eat Covfefe Collection

Alisa: Dear Mud….here comes some heels….do work.

Anna: I wish they would just leave us alone. Our entire state, neighboring states and country are rallying behind us. We don’t need them. This picture is gross. People here have NOTHING. Not one damn thing. Go away Trumps, we don’t want you here.

Jeff: Whea is she going? Starbucks? Lululemon? Target to pre-order “Reputation”?

Amy: And did you see the hat says FLOTUS? Does that need to be pointed out? Is she her own cheering section?

Yvonne: Maybe she wore it so secret service won’t forget to put her back on the plane lol

Greer: She wore it so ICE & CBP won’t mistakenly round her up with the other immigrants.

Tomesha: Jjjjeeessssuuusss be a wave of human decency, tolerance, respect, and decorum and wash right over these two clowns. They step on every last one of my nerves.

Jess: She looks like she stepped out of a scene from Zoolander and the fool next to her finished his alt right uniform with work boots that, until today, have only touched shoe box and carpet and a windbreaker a la Chris Christy. Help and comfort are on the way, just not from these jokers.

Portia: Looks like a toddler and his mother on the first day of school.

Simone: “Dropping off Donny to school today. #goodmom#lookatmyshoes #hesoexcited”

Robin: She landed in a hat, ponytail and sneakers. They went into damage control mode.

Tanya: She took those off someone on the plane…lol Those big white sneakers are NOT owned by Natasha, Cheeto Von Tiny Hands wouldn’t allow it!! LOL

Clint: Why is this idiot giving the thumbs up??? What a complete and total moron….and don’t even get me started on the gold digging tart in the CFM heels. Money certainly doesn’t buy class, or empathy.

Trena: I’m 100% sure she won’t be wading through a damn thing. I’ll be shocked if she gets off the plane let alone get down with the people. They need to stay in dc. Police and EMTs need to help and rescue people, not protect the “president”. They need to visit later. No one needs them standing around, doing nothing, taking resources.

Deandrea: I do wonder if she CAN wear flats if she’s worn heels for so long. Idk at least do a hidden wedge sneaker or something so you don’t look so tone deaf.

Sarah: Woman wear some rainboots. I’m sure your Transylvania ass has seen rain before.

Voice: I know y’all ladies have melanoma on lock down, so I wanna talk about the tangerine’s footwear. While his choice in boots are FAR more realistic for where they are headed, it’s utterly obvious those boots were pitch yesterday, and never worn prior to this picture. Fucking pathetic poser.

what the fuck cat gif

Stephanie: All the fashionable Wellingtons & Hunters available and she STILL chose stilettos? SMH

Rachel: And sunglasses in the rain? These people…

Kiristen: I think her message is clear, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined/media clowned. I intend to do NOTHING!!!”

Annette: If they ain’t air-dropping food, toiletries, clothes, medical supplies, $$$, etc…you know USEFUL things…there is no reason for them to be there other than a photo op!

Catherine: Maybe she’s going to drop critical supplies like mascara, blush, lip gloss, etc. Glad she’s wearing big sun glasses in the middle of this dark and stormy day.

Kimberly: This chick could be cute and purposeful with a black pair of Hunters. I hope she rolls her ankle ol extra fly ass.

Farah: #NudePicNagini has to look glam at all times, practicality notwithstanding. It’s not like she will actually do anything besides squint.

Patrick: Why are they posed like a cross between Madame Tussand’s wax figures and some kind of truly sad, tragic action figures? Somewhere, someone’s laptop just caught on fire from all the Photoshop this picture required.

Melissa: She’s trying to do product placement like Ivanka. There will probably be a “Shop This Look” link on the Fox & Friends site.

Kim: It’s photos like these that make me curse Zuckerberg for not giving us an eye roll reaction emoji.

Maritza: And her pose. It’s like a JC Penney catalogue shot. I’m sure she was thrilled to be sporting the bomber jacket – its all the rave!

Adrian: The only thing left for the Trumps to do now is to fly over Houston in a helicopter and pour buckets of shit on the people on the ground waiting to be rescued #MakingAmericaGreat

Jessica: Trump: “Find a street that’s moist and I will take a pic then leave”
Melanie: “I’m just here so I don’t get fined or deported.”

Sheena: I wonder if their presidential code names are moose and squirrel.

Deborah: Whether you support 45 or not, isn’t the point. It’s the incredible fact, that when getting dressed to go to the destruction in TX, where American citizens have lost everything……Mrs. Trump thought, hmm, I think I’ll wear Blk Patton leather stilettos. Knowing she would be photographed the whole way. That’s the point. The complete disconnect with the rest of us.

Karen: I love how all the news reports say that this is the biggest “natural disaster” of his administration, because we all know how many other regular ol’ disasters he’s caused.

Matlyn: The shoes are gator too, just to really be in the hurricane zone mood.

Crissy: It is unreal the level of disconnect. If you want to argue and say…well she has flats for touring the destruction, you’re part of the problem. These people all lost the foundation of their hierarchy of needs. They’re under stress and grief we can’t even understand unless you’ve been there. But runway model and her sugar daddy are here to look at the people like zoo animals. Just go like real people. In tennis shoes and jeans and help people. Just a huge disconnect.

Kellye: She’s not going to meet victims. She’s gonna be waiting in the car texting her boo while that mango colored cocksplat of a husband attempts to get his feet wet.

Stephani: Houston has been thru enough! Stay home, Trump! Might get his ass cussed out, Houston didn’t vote for him.

Kim: Nothing about this guy says POTUS unless POTUS stands for piece-of-trash-under-shit or prick-of-the-united-states. I won’t bother with Mrs. Prick…she doesn’t want to be there. Forty-five in Houston…what a joke.

Judy: Someone said “Clearly Melania is going to pilot some Barbarella style jet to air drop cosmetics to the starved and soaked masses”.

Jeff: Someone told her that there weren’t enough pumps for all the water.

Stephen: At a certain point, it’s not even about questioning Melania’s shoe choices but her mental health. Did she not know where she was going? Or is she actively trolling us? Will she show up at the next national disaster wearing a Bo Peep costume?

They are really trash humans.

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  1. Glenda
    August 30, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Beaumont, Tx

  2. TxBirdy
    August 30, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I just don’t understand these idiots.

  3. B. Lewis
    August 30, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    Love this; its Beaumont 😉

  4. Shay Nobles
    August 30, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    No words…continues to shake head at this clueless family. All I’m saying is 44 would know how to act and make America proud.

  5. Msb
    August 31, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Thank God they didn’t go to Houston and distract Mayor Turner, the HPD and other responders and rescuers from their life-saving work. Bad enough to disrupt the clean-up in Corpus Christi, just for a photo op with the abominable Abbott. Even Ted Cruz went to a refuge and expressed some reasonable facsimile of sympathy.

  6. Crownie
    August 31, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    “Someone told her that there weren’t enough pumps for all the water.”


  7. notconvincedgranny
    August 31, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Trump 45 Malt Liar also said he saw the damage to Houston first hand. From Corpus Christi. And on a map. And maybe a decal on his sippy cup. I’m having the same first hand look. From California.

  8. Gzee
    September 5, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    That first comment, the ‘go low,go high and helicopter’ one, totally slayed me! And the one with the Secret Service forgeting the FLOTUS.

  9. Simone Brightstein
    September 8, 2017 at 11:24 am

    My favourite part in the excruciatingly horrific sweepstakes was when the Drumphs arrived in Houston and the Orange Lump gave a tiny thumbs-up, saying: “What a crowd! What a turnout.” Did he think it was one of his rallies?

    Also, some brilliant woman commented on Melania’s “Flotus” hat, pointing out how ironic it was in view of the situation.