#EndSARS: Why Nigerians are Protesting and How You Can Help

The revolution is now and I need you to join the fight against SARS. Over the last week, Nigerians have been marching in the streets and protesting online against police brutality.

SARS stands for The Special Anti-Robbery Squad. They were created in 1992 to deal with crimes associated with robbery, motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and crimes involving firearms but they are KNOWN for raping and abusing women, profiling, stealing, kidnapping and killing without consequences. They extorted ₦9.35 billion ($60 million USD) from roadblocks and extortion within 18 months. They are barbaric thugs!

The recent outrage was sparked by the killing of a young Nigerian man who was shot and killed in front of the Wetland hotel in Ughelli, Delta State. The video started to trend on social media and nation-wide protest began, using the #EndSARS hashtag.

On October 10, 2020 another young man, Jimoh Isiaka, was killed when police opened fire during a protest.

On October 11, 2020 the SARS unit was “dissolved” by the Nigerian government, but it’s not enough because then they announced the formation of SWAT, which IS merely a rebranding. Nigerians need to see immediate change. SARS continues to target, rob, torture, abuse and kill those who resist. There has been a confirmed report of 3 people killed and 6 injured during recent protests in Nigeria.

Help me stand with our sisters and brothers in Nigeria and call for an urgent reform of the Nigerian Police. The killings, brutality, framing, black mailing, assault, kidnapping, and extortion MUST END.

The stories are endless and the youth of Nigeria are tired. SARS has been attacking young people between the ages of 18-35 and nearly half of Nigeria is below the age of 30.  People are marching daily for their rights and demanding 5 for 5.

This needs international attention. The Feminist Coalition started crowdfunding to assist protestors but their bank accounts have been hacked and deactivated because of their support for the Nigerian people. We must call out police brutality in Nigeria.

“The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.” – Wael Ghonim

Here are 3 things you can do now:

  1. Spread the word – Share the graphic (pictured above) of the 5 for 5 Demands on social media. Use the hashtags #5for5, #EndSars, #TotalPoliceReform, #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
  2. Stay Informed –  Follow and Human Rights Watch. Follow the #EndSARS hashtag for up to date information too.
  3. Donate – Donate Bitcoin to help protestors

2020 has been exhausting and once again every ounce of rage has been earned. I don’t know how these protests will end but I’m praying the voices of our brothers and sisters are heard.

Who protects you from the ones who are supposed to protect you? It’s all too familiar and it’s all deeply heartbreaking. The fight of Black people across the diaspora is so connected cuz our blood runs in the streets everywhere.

I come from a country ???????? where everyone looks like me, and still police kill without impunity. I live in a country ???????? where the lives of people who look like me are constantly taken by police without consequence.

Sending love and standing in solidarity with those on the ground in Nigeria. We see you, we feel you, we hail you. ✊????✊????✊????

None of us are free until all of us are free.


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Enough is enough! We are united and stand in solidarity as one Nigeria. This is a chance to redefine our future and we join the call for the Nigerian government to act now to create a country that we all can be proud of. ✊????✊????✊???? ✊????✊????✊???????????? #sorosoke #endsars #endpolicebrutality #sarsmustend #endSWAT Written and produced by – @opalayo and @heysharonc ???? Edited by @iamthe_eagle Thank you to all who came together to make this happen. @jidenna @realomosexy @jackieaina @cynthiaerivo @yvonneorji @uzoaduba @djspinall @runtown @mannywellz @luvvie @tobenwigwe @ugomozie  @heysharonc @opalayo For more info and resources visit @diasporarising website:

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