Make Your Voice Heard (with Stephanie L. Young) – Episode 50 of Rants & Randomness

The conversation we have for you on Rants & Randomness this week is absolutely critical. Make sure you listen, share this episode, and get yourself a voting plan.

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This week, I’m talking to the brilliant Stephanie L. Young. Stephanie serves as chief officer for culture, communications, and media partnerships at When We All Vote, a nonpartisan voting initiative launched by Michelle Obama.

Stephanie has years of communication experience in the public and private sectors with organizations such as the Obama White House, where she worked for years, Congressional Leadership, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, and BET. During her time in the White House, Stephanie served in two critical roles as associate communications director and then as the senior public engagement advisor. In these roles, she led the press strategy around domestic policy announcements and created and managed critical relationships for the president in the African-American community.

I think one of the most amazing parts of this interview for me was hearing about Stephanie’s time living in South Africa when her parents were there on an assignment for the AME church and helped with voter education as South Africa was emerging from apartheid. She has vivid memories of watching her parents teach men and women how to make their voices heard for the very first time in a national election, and now is helping do that same thing in her current role at When We All Vote.

As of this podcast airing, we are exactly 3 weeks away from Election Day 2020. And while the Presidential Election is one of the craziest things any of us have seen in our lifetime, as of right now, Biden and Harris are pulling ahead in the polls. But we can’t get complacent. We have to get out, use our voices, and vote.

Be sure to follow Stephanie on social media. She’s @SLynnYoung on Instagram. And you can learn more about how you can get involved in this election, as well as future elections at When We All Vote. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @WhenWeAllVote. And much love to Chicago Recording Company, where I get the help needed to make these episodes come to life – even recording from home.

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Download Episode 50 Transcript
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