Be Everything at Once (with Dami Lee) – Episode 17 of Rants & Randomness

My peoples! So glad you’re here for this week’s episode of Rants and Randomness!

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On this episode, I’m feeling good about the little girls who were going to the pool, I’m ranting about that ridiculous presidential alert, spotlighting the Colored Girls and their new book, and interviewing Dami Lee, illustrator and cartoonist.

Feel Good

I’m feeling good about the girls who, the viral video of the little girls on the way to the pool. If you have not listened to this or seen this all over the internet, it’s been circulating and it’s brought me a lot of joy in a time when we’ve needed the joy. The video is a little girl, @imlyricangel, and it was her birthday. Her grandmother, I guess, threw a sleepover for her and her five closest girlfriends and it is them living their best lives in their unicorn headbands. And it is just so cute and, in a time, when you’re just like everything is burning, you need these little moments of pure joy because little mama in the front was giving us all the runway strut. She’s clearly been watching somebody. It’s so cute.

My Rant

My rant is about that stupid presidential alert that most of us got on our phone. I felt almost violated. I felt like somebody stepped in my house and jumped in my face. It was just the weirdest thing ever. We all received an alert. It was emergency test that came from FEMA technically. And the difference between the alerts that we get like the Amber alerts and the other government alerts is that you cannot turn off a presidential alert. It is mandatory. That’s what made it invasive. If it was a regular emergency test, I don’t think people would be offended by it. The fact that it was considered a presidential alert and you cannot opt out of it, felt slightly invasive.

My Randomness

This week I’m spotlighting the Colored Girls and their new book For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Politics. Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry and Minyon Moore consider themselves the Colored Girls. They are basically the best auntie posse. On October 2nd they released their book For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Politics.

My Guest: Dami Lee

Dami Lee is a Seoul-born, New York-based artist. She currently writes about the internet for the Verge and has drawn comics for the New Yorker, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and premium mustard brands. Her brand new book Be Everything at Once is in stores now. And she’s behind some of your favorite memes.

We are talking all about learning a new language in a new country, all things comics, and the ultimate in self care. You’ll also hear a bonus episode with Kale from Chicago Recording Company. I cannot get over someone naming him after a vegetable, and he gives us all of the details.

You can follow Dami on Instagram at @Dami_Lee. As always, much love to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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Download Episode 17 Transcript
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