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In this episode I’m feeling good about the Bad Times at the El Royale premiere. I’m ranting about why we need to believe women, and spotlighting my obsession with vitamin C serums. My guest on this episode is Ashley Blaine Featherson, star of the critically acclaimed Netflix original series, Dear White People.

Feel Good

I’m feeling really good because I just came from a premiere of a movie called Bad Times at the El Royale, which stars my friend Cynthia Erivo. You might know Cynthia as Celie from the Broadway revival of The Color Purple. She is going to be in the upcoming movie Harriet, where she plays Harriet Tubman. The premier was in LA and the movie is essentially about what happens when four people end up at this hotel and how things go crazy in 24 hours.

My Rant

My rant this week is about how I am just appalled by the treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford because of the whole Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination. Our society is backwards and we still need to believe in women. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is trash. He’s a garbage human being and that doesn’t shock me, because somebody who’s aligned with Trump is probably not a good person. Shout out to people who are actually doing the work to combat this type of abuse that women get. Because there’s the abuse that you get when you’re actually assaulted, and there’s the abuse you get when you come out and come forward. Believe women. We got to do better.

My Randomness

My spotlight this week is vitamin C serums. I am obsessed. I get a lot of compliments on my skin and I say shout out to genetics. But lately, I’ve been getting extra compliments on how my skin has been glowing and it’s been smooth and fresh. And I think the only thing different I’ve been doing is vitamin C serum. But be sure to check out all the Luvv Skin Essentials by clicking here.

My Guest: Ashley Blaine Featherson

This week, my guest is Ashley Blaine Featherson. Ashley Blaine Featherson currently stars as Joelle Brooks in the critically acclaimed Netflix original series, Dear White People. After the show’s 2017 debut, Variety described Featherson’s Joelle as “pitch-perfect” and TV Guide said she is “the comic force of the show.” In volume two, she continues to steal scenes and reviews. Alongside Emmy winner Lena Waithe, Ashley co-created the groundbreaking web series, Hello Cupid. Vulture selected Hello Cupid as one of the best web series of 2014 and the Boston Globe went further, declaring the series and Ashley deserving of Emmys.

In this episode, we are talking about getting into character, celebrity expectations, and clutch beauty products.

You can follow Ashley on Instagram at @ashleyblaine. As always, much love to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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