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Not Even Me Can Stop Me (with Jenifer Lewis) – Episode 4 of Rants & Randomness

YOOOO!!! Episode 4 of Rants and Randomness is here and I could not be more excited! You are not going to want to miss out on this episode, because my guest is the legendary, iconic, incomparable Jenifer Lewis!

But before I get my life from talking with Ms. Lewis, I start by talking about March For Our Lives. The kids that survived the Parkland shooting have really used their platform to make the movement bigger than them. I’m especially heartened by Emma Gonzales and Naomi Wadler. I’m really inspired by young people who are the change they want to see in the world.  These young people are more tuned in to what’s going on and much more aware of their power. The next generation is going to be OK and it’s hard not to be inspired by them.

My Rant

Next, I rant about an experience I had during a dinner at SXSW that had me PISSED. This is what happened:

Me to waiter: Hi I’d like a coke, please.

Waiter: *brings Coke*

Me: *tastes Coke and it has aftertaste*

Me: Hey I think this is Diet Coke

Waiter: Oh I assumed you wanted to watch your figure.

It was so inappropriate, especially coming from a raggedy ass dude who didn’t even know me. When I shared about this on social media, I realized that so many women are policed about what they should be eating or drinking. I’m adding this to the super long list of “Shit that would never happen to a dude.” So you know I had to go AWF.

My Randomness

I have to give love to Black-ish, one of my favorite TV shows. In my opinion, it’s the best comedy on TV right now. It’s really smart and covers a lot of what Black Americans talk about in our daily lives. The show is also hysterical and the cast is gorgeous. My favorite character is Diane, played by the gifted Marsai Martin. And I love her scenes with Grandma Ruby Johnson, who so happens to be played by my guest this week. I just appreciate so much about the show and it’s always worth watching. Give it a binge-watch session if you haven’t already!

My Guest

I am geeked that my special guest for this episode is the incomparable Jennifer Lewis! She is one of Hollywood’s most familiar faces, with more than 300 appearances in film and television. Dubbed a “national treasure” by TVGuide.com, Jenifer currently stars on the Emmy-nominated hit show “black-ish” on ABC, where her hilarious portrayal of Ruby Johnson earned her a nomination for the 2018 Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy series. Jenifer’s new memoir, The Mother of Black Hollywood, is a critical favorite and the audio version won an Earphones Award from AudioFile Magazine. Jenifer is a social media sensation and has garnered more than 100 million views with such viral hits as “In These Streets,” with Brandy and Roz Ryan.

Ms. Lewis and I covered so much ground during our conversation, and she dropped SO. MUCH. WISDOM. We talk a lot about her new book, and how she found the courage to tell her story. She talks about her passion for what she does and how she never quits, even during the toughest times. We chat about therapy and how self-care should be everyone’s top priority. She encourages us young folks to love ourselves, pay attention to our bodies, and never stop asking questions. I already loved her, but now she’s on the “people I’d fight for” list.

“Find your passion so that you have something to live for when things get really rough.”

“I’m successful because I have a smile on my face. I walk in my joy.”

I titled this episode “Not Even Me Can Stop Me” because Jenifer dropped that gem and it made me almost gasp. She was talking about how one day, she was feeling sorry for herself and wanted to quit show business. And then she heard herself say “Jeni, you ain’t quitting nothing. Not even me can stop me!” 


Ms. Lewis’s book tour is headed to a city near you starting April 7 in Baltimore, so make sure to follow her on social media to get all the updates. You can find her @JeniferLewisForReal on Instagram and Facebook, and @JeniferLewis on Twitter. And of course, grab a copy of her book, The Mother of Black Hollywood! The book is INCREDIBLE and I read it in one sitting. I drank it up.

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Listen to Episode 4 below!

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  1. Crystal Miller
    April 3, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    ok so… I listened to Episode 3 on the way to work this morning and Episode 4 on the way home from work this evening! To say I am shook is an understatement. First of all, you are AHHHMAZING. The experience of reading your 1st book (because I know there is more within you!) is an entirely separate conversation.. but I just wanted to say that your interview with Ms. DeLuca was a great start to my Tuesday and made me realize that if I am walking in my passion, then good things will come. And to top the day off with Ms. Jenifer Lewis echoing the sentiment of DO THE WORK only gave me more confirmation that not only am I doing the work, but I could/should also be doing so much more! Thank you for your podcast that makes me laugh out loud while sitting at a traffic stop (hello Chill Deficient!), and for walking in truth and honesty. Today was like a breath of fresh air!

    • April 7, 2018 at 12:34 pm

      Thank you! I’m so glad it reached you like that.