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On this week’s episode, I have some things to get off my chest, y’all! Let’s get into it.

For the good, I share one of my favorite books, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It follows the story of a Nigerian woman who moves to the U.S. and starts a blog about race. Sounds familiar, amirite? Well it’s not actually about me but you’ll still enjoy it. I’m also rocking my Unapologetically Black t-shirt created by BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100). BYP100 is a dope organization doing racial justice work from a Black, queer, feminist lens. Check them out and support.

Onto the bad. TIME Magazine announced their Person of the Year, which features silence breakers from 2017. For some reason, of ALL the women out here challenging the status quo, Taylor Swift landed a cover spot, and I think Peak Caucasity is at work. Now, you KNOW I got thoughts and feels about it. I wrote a blog post about it. Check it out: I Know Why Taylor Swift is on TIME’s Person of the Year Cover But WHY is She on the Cover?

And then another thing. This was my last week of work travel for the year and it ended with me getting a car service driver who seemed to be upset that he had to drive young, Black, female, me. The driver was not here for me AT ALL – except that was kinda his job – but sure, Jan! Let’s just say I sent a sternly worded email ASAPTUALLY. The stories and microaggressions that come with traveling while Black are real.

PSA: Don’t play yourself by coming in my comments caping for Taylor or this driver, ESPECIALLY if you don’t do the same for folks of color. Blocks were made for such a time as this.

As a reminder, my TED Talk is out. It’s called “Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable” and is currently at 750,000 views after being out for a week. WOWSIES. I’m floored.

LuvvNation, thanks for all of your support! And don’t forget to check out my Rants and Randomness iTunes playlist featuring songs I play during the show.

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  1. Tami
    December 13, 2017 at 8:42 am

    So I was laying in bed doing what all nurses do on their day off; lounging with a bowl of food balanced on my chest, in sweats and playing on my phone when I ran across a TED talk. This gorgeous, tall woman had a thumbnail about getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable” intrigued I watched and now Im a fan for life. THANK YOU Luvvie, you are a spark that can ignite change all around the world. Im so excited to have been a lazy slob today and ran into you! ???? I have ordered your book, subscribed to your blog and shared your talk on social media. Guess Im a bit obsessed! ???? Ill pledge to “do better” so can ya stop judging me…..thank you for being bold and honest and brave in a world that doesn’t value those things enough. You rock so hard! ✌????????????????????????