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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know there is A LOT to rant about this week. On this episode of Rants and Randomness, I cover how Black women are out here saving the world, per usual, and White women are out here hustling backwards as a habit. Y’all gotta do better, but more on that in my post on how White Women Need to Get Their Shit Together. You should read that.

First up, I share one of my favorite books, The Broke Diaries by Angela Nissel. This is the first book that ever made me truly laugh out loud in public. It’s a book that made me realize that it was possible to WRITE funny. Angela is now one of my mentors and I owe it to discovering this book back in 2001. Do yourself a favor and get into that read.

I’m also rocking my super timely Darth Becky t-shirt from the Tees in the Trap x Very Smart Brothas collabo. Damon and Panama over at VSB be knowing, y’all! Check them out if you’re not already following their blog. And I am thankful that I have the perfect attire for side-eying the foolishness of Peak Becks everywhere.

Now let’s get into the shenanigans with our comrades in Alabama. Y’all, they seriously almost let a PEDOPHILE win. Nevertheless, #shepersisted. Nah, bump that. WE PERSISTED. Per usual, Black women came through with the come through to save this country from itself. While two-thirds of white women chose their whiteness over their womanhood, and marked R. Kelly Moore on the ballot, Black women voted with some sense so he wouldn’t win. Now, Doug Jones isn’t exactly the people’s champ but we can rest a lot easier with him visiting middle schools or walking by an issue of Teen Vogue without having inappropriate thoughts.

In this week’s installment of You Gon’ Learn Today, The Traitorous Goat of the West Omarosa finally realized these folks ain’t loyal. According to our sister-in-shade, April Ryan, Omarosa was escorted out the White House today. Excuse me while I try to conjure up some tears. Man, now Black AND white people ain’t checking for her and ex-sis is stuck in racial purgatory. When I tell y’all my cackles cackled. #LifeComesAtYouFast

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Get into my last Rants and Randomness of 2017 below.

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  1. chyra
    December 15, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I loved the broke diaries. Last I heard Halle Berry bought the film rights. We so need this to be made esp. because of the true lack of black coming of age stories esp from a female perspective. Put her to writing the script with Issa Rae. Hell have it as a show on HBO.