Let Love Save You (with Yvette Noel-Schure) – Episode 23 of Rants & Randomness

I cannot wait for you to listen this week’s episode of Rants & Randomness. We’ve got an epic and powerful conversation for you this week.

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On this episode, I talk to Yvette Noel-Schure, publicist to the stars. She is the person behind Beyoncé. She’s been publicist to Prince, Mariah Carey, Adele, Wyclef Jean. Her resume is insane, but also, more importantly, she’s just an amazing person. Her heart, her spirit, the way her smile lights up a room.

Yvette Noel-Schure is a seasoned, respected industry veteran and one of the top creative executive in the music PR business. Her passion for artists she works with in her business acumen will without question lead to her continued success. (That’s what Music World Entertainment president CEO Mathew Knowles said.)

She’s a mother of three and has been married for over 36 years. She and husband, David Schure, run their company Schure Media together. An award-winning industry veteran, Yvette’s garnered awards ranging from the Caribbean Luminary Award, the ACE Awards, and her name is with greatness in media and relationship-building. Her first client as a publicist was Mariah Carey, and now she represents Beyoncé. Her roster in the past has been Prince, Jessica Simpson, John Legend, Adele.

This episode is so good, I decided that it has to stand alone. You do not want to miss out on this conversation, where Yvette puts her whole heart out there for you to hear.

You can follow Yvette on Instagram at @yvettenoelschure. As always, much love to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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Download Episode 23 Transcript
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