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Watch Episode 3 of Rants and Randomness!

My people! So as you might know, I have a weekly Facebook show that I started a couple of weeks ago called Rants and Randomness. I get on Facebook Live and give book recommendations, spotlight a creative I love, and then rants about all things pop culture and shenanigans.

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This week was episode 3, and I talk from Pearl Cleage’s bestseller What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day. December 1, 2017 is the 20th anniversary of its drop date. My creative spotlight was on my Yorubro, and Queen Bey-approved Laolu Senbanjo of the Sacred Art of the Ori.

Then we jump into my rants about news you need on your radar. This week’s shenanigans include men’s shock about #MeToo and Matt Lauer’s overdue day of reckoning.Shoutout to Tamron Hall’s praying Black Grandmother and her guardian angel who is working overtime. All the people who didn’t do right by her are falling by the wayside. I then get global and talk about reports of slavery in Libya. It’s just TEW MUCH happening in the world at once

Each week, I’ll feature a question from one of my viewers. On this episode I answer a question from Leila about finding mentors in unexpected places and support for new bloggers. Psst…here’s a cheat code: Check out my other blog, Awesomely Techie, for the keys on entrepreneurship, blogging, and tech!

Next up, it’s Testimony Time! Hear about the unexpected path to my first-ever TED Talk, which goes live THIS FRIDAY (Dec. 1) at 11am (EST). It’s a featured talk. BECAUSE WON’T GOD DO IT WHEN HE WILL???

Since y’all love my music picks so much, I even made an iTunes playlist so you can wine on-the-go.

Get into it all below.

So join me every Wednesday at noon CT on the Rants and Randomness page! Make sure you LIKE the FB page and ask to get notifications when a new video or episode is posted.

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