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I Miss Old Facebook

I’m a Facebook veteran. Nay… a historian. I’ve been on Facebook since the face was still just a fetus in the womb of Mark Zuckerberg’s mind. HA! Ok fine, I’ve been on Facebook since the face was chubby and cute and still lived in diapers. Facebook was founded in February 2004, and I got on there July 2004. I’ve been on Facebook since the URL was and not Yes. THAT long. Back then, it was just me, Mark Z, and his 8th cousin removed by marriage, John Smith. We kicked it REAL hard (mkay we didn’t kick it at all but it wasn’t the overcrowded place it is today). Well, at least it ain’t MySpace (yet), the dark alley in the bad neighborhood of the innanets.

When Facebook started, profiles were one uncomplicated, tabless page that listed the exact day you joined, your interests and the college you go to. Plus, at that point, only a select few colleges were on there. Ivy Leagues and Big Tens are the main ones I remember since I went to one of them (the elitist in me loved this exclusitivity). And wall postings looked like text messages. We call this time, the Dark Ages. Someone slowly but surely turned the light on and now the light is blinding and I wish they’d turn it back down a little bit because it’s all in my eyes. The following things did not exist in the beginning: groups, organization pages, newsfeeds, applications or notes. I actually didn’t mind this simplicity because it meant I didn’t spend hours doing one thing (well, What Facebook didn’t take of my time, “The Sims” and AIM did, but for the purposes of this diatribe, we shall pretend I was a studious college student).

Then came the changes as Facebook expanded, often met with protest from the people users. I’ve been there for every facebook rebellion “Students against Facebook opening to high schoolers”, “Petition against NewsFeed”, “Lovers of Global Groups”. I held my ePicket sign each time and marched on the highways of the intrawebs. Facebook ain’t revert of course, just upped the privacy settings. And we all are aware of Terms of Service Gate ’09.

But we musn’t forget the ultimate change came when the ‘Book got rid of “The Face”. *Sigh* I sang a sad love song then.

Remember him?

However, in all them changes, the best ever made was the addition of Newsfeeds, which made eNosiness SO much easier. I’d sign on to my homepage and gossip would await me on who broke up with who, who wrote the note calling their roomie all types of names but a child of God, and who’s picture got tagged in Cancun while they were supposedly having pinky toe surgery. Twas AWESOME! Newsfeeds was the 3 yr old who everyone didn’t think was paying attention, but as soon as Mom came home, would spill the beans about how the babysitter invited over a boy and then went into the closet and was crying because she was “hurt”. Mmhmmm. I love Newsfeeds.

Then came last week when I saw new Facebook. EEEK! I think my eyes went cross when I saw ALL the activity on my homepage. It was status tourette’s. Newsfeeds wasn’t really much of a feature anymore because Facebook reported on EVERYTHING, no matter how insignificant. The # of friends who joined Taraji Henson’s page is of no interest to me. For the nosy fools concerned citizens like myself, who need to know who to comfort upon their breakup from their 1-month boyfriend who just happens to be their soulmate *side-eye*, this new layout does NOT work.

Facebook is being selfish with my needs. And I know they are trying to be the new Twitter with the focus on status updates, but there only needs to be one Twitter, not two. Too much!

Sidenote: I’ve been mad at Twitter for the past coupla days. I guess they are expanding so much that they can’t handle all the traffic. It’s been on MAJOR wonk since Monday, deleting updates and replies. I even did a whole Twitter roast and only one remains. It reads: “Twitter is the blue pill in the matrix of life.” Hmm…maybe Twitter deleted the rest of my roasts because it was salty. Yupppp that must be it. Either way, I need them to fix that ASAP since they are clearly playing bald-headed games (no Amber Rose).

New Facebook sucks! I need to go ePicket at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California to revert to Old Facebook circa January 2008. Who’s with me? *pumps fists vigorously in the air*


HMPH! *pouts*

*whispers* PSST! Join my Blog Page on Facebook!

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  1. KindredSmile
    March 18, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Seeing as how I haven’t actually been on Facebook since FairyGate (mine eyes are still not healed) I had no idea of these changes until now. Learning curve, h*ll! There’s no way I’ll update a d@mned thing. Expect more things Google (chat, blogger, etc.) cause TwitFaceSpace is not the business.

  2. Robin Monique
    March 18, 2009 at 8:59 am

    I am extremely disappointed by the new FB layout. I personally LIKED the differences between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was like a life resume. This is Robin, who she knows, what she does and what she likes. Twitter is like an internet happy hour where I get ti mix and mingle with all kinds of new folks. I now see no reason to avidly use both. And since I’d rather all 700 of my FB friends NOT be updated on my every action in real time, I will be tweeting far more than Facebooking. Had to mess up a perfectly good thing. SMH

  3. The Pretty Brown Girl
    March 18, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I must be looking @ something TOTALLY different because I see no similarities between the new FB layout (which I happen to like a lot) and Twitter. Nothing farther than status updates. And twitter has better status updates anyway. I use them both for different reasons.

    I doubt if FB goes back to the old format, but they should at least give ya’ll the option to go back to the old way if you want. So I can stop seeing folks whine so much about it. Geesh.

  4. M.anifest
    March 18, 2009 at 10:48 am

    thoroughly enjoyed that read. cycle of life. information fatigue indeed. who woulda thunk facebook would be jockin another site. “bald-headed games” amber rose metaphor is just wrong 🙂

  5. im_da_sweetest
    March 18, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I am standing in the epicket line with you?!?! Who does FB think they are?
    I like to know who friended who, broke up with who, put who on blast and laugh at those cock-eyed this is my sexy face pics that were recently posted!!
    I dont care that you are pulling buggers outta your kids nose, or that you are running to the grocery store, cutting your toenails, eating dinner, going to bed or taking a poopie, I just dont give a damn to know that much about you. I mean really, is your life that damn exciting?!?! I thought not…
    It is the one reason I dont tweet, twit or give a twat for up to the minute updates about you, diddy or hannah montana.

    Give me the old fb… GIVE US–US FREE!!!!

  6. Ms_Slim
    March 18, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    Hmmm I agree. I joined FB in ’05 (back when it was lol) when a friend that went to UofI told me about it. Needless to say, my school wasnt on it initially but as soon as it was added…I joined.

    I’m not a fan of FB’s INITIAL change they made in ’07 with the Newsfeed either really. Like you said though..I want the OLD ( edition) facebook back. I was pissed it opened itself to EVERYONE (no network needed) too! I felt like a member of an Elite group. When ‘anyone could join’ it immediately lost its luster, ya know….booo to that!

    I didnt/dont know that they changed things up yet again though. I deactivated my account a month ago lol

  7. Luvvie
    March 18, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Kindred – LMAO @ FairyGate. You got scurred str8 (unlike him) lol

    Robin – They are really doing too much. Womp

    PBG – It’s like when you go to the community pool around 10am, and you and ur friends can play and enjoy it. By 1pm, its packed full of all types of snot nosed kids and u cant even enjoy urself. THAT is why we whine.

    Manifest – LOL Amber Rose is fierce. I hate to love her tho.

    Sweetest – YESSSSS!! No justice no peace

    Slim – U deactivated? i did for 3 months last year. U gon come back?

  8. Ms_Slim
    March 18, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Yea I’m on a hiatus for a little bit.

    I’m sure I’ll be back at some point…

  9. Happyrunningbunny
    March 18, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    AMEN!! I am packing my ebags and painting my epicket sign immediately.

    I also joined back when it first started and have been increasingly disturbed by the continuing changes. I was OKAY with the minifeed because it allowed me to cyberstalk much more easier. I was not okay with them opening it up to “randoms” I liked that only college students were allowed on because it eliminated most (not all) of the ignorant myspace type messages. “wuz gud shawty, what yo numba is?” *major side eye*

    I don’t like this new update it is overwhelming and I can’t find stuff like I used to be able to. I really hope they revert back to the last update. PLEASE!

  10. suga
    March 19, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Alot of people are complaining about it this time around. I dont see how it’s copying off of twitter though. Looks to me like twitter copied off of FB. But it surely is info overload. I liked the prior version, but im not too much bothered by the change.
    FB is excellent for being nosey though. And I kinda wasn’t feeling when they opened it up to non college students/alumni either.
    I remember when it was called thefacebook. lol I joined in ’05 but it took a looong time for me to stay consistent on the site because I’d graduated the year before and wasn’t too pressed about keeping in touch with undergrad folks.
    I’m 20 minutes away from Palo Alto. Want me to drop this off at their doorstep, Luvvie? lol

  11. The Pretty Brown Girl
    March 19, 2009 at 7:09 am

    Your Blog is FAB!!

    Check 52 Flavors to see your award! 🙂