Cantaloupe Needs to be Cancelled

Earlier this week, I was blissfully eating assorted fruit and I came across some cantaloupe. I went for it, not knowing that mid-chew this cantaloupe had different plans. How do you start off a little sweet and then change your mind about it! 😩😩😩  It’s the indecisiveness for me! Why do they gotta taste like that?!?! I just knew I wasn’t alone on this one, so I took my feelings to you all in Luvvnation on Facebook and Twitter and here are you all’s responses.

Awesomely Luvvie Honeydew is another indecisive fruit. WE DO NOT WANT.

Melissa A. I will never understand the desire to eat slightly sour, soggy styrofoam.

cantaloupe is gross

M’Shende R. I used to love the ones my grandfather grew, but today’s cantaloupes ain’t hitting on nothing. Sometimes a little Tajin helps.

Vicki P. Fresh field picked cantaloupe is a whole different ballgame. I grew up in the Central Valley of CA and our melons were amazing. I’m hella picky about the grocery versions.

Kate R. A little salt, odd I know, will perk it up. Kind of like balsamic on strawberries.

Teresa H. It is my favorite of all melons, especially if it is nicely ripened. I pass on the watermelon. Can’t stand the taste of it.

Heather H. TRUTH! I will eat any other fruit or vegetable on this earth, but DO NOT hand me a cantaloupe or honeydew. Hideous! 😨 The taste of cantaloupe is why I can never again trust a bag of assorted Jelly Bellies! Just give me the juicy pear flavor and take the rest away, thanks.

Shafika AG I never liked the taste and you just told me why!

Kacy S. I have sensory issues and as a result, I don’t trust fruit. None of it. Will it be sweet? Sour? Mushy? Crisp? You know what’s consistent? Popeyes.

winning eating chicken popeyes

Molly M. It’s rare to find truly ripe cantaloupe and honeydew at grocery stores, so yeah, meh. But get a ripe one from a farm stand and it’s a whole different conversation.

Alycia J. I say the same thing. I HATE cantaloupe! It tastes like someone chewed all of the flavor, spit it out and formed it back into a fruit.

Hayley D. LITERALLY TRASH MELON. 🗑 ugh I hate it so much, and my broke best friend is obsessed so I have to cut a stupid melon up every weekend.

Maggie S. Ok this is true of many varieties of cantaloupe, but if you ever find a ripe Athena variety, try it and see if it changes your mind. My dad had hated cantaloupe his whole life, until he tried an Athena melon. he LOVES them. they really are good.

Scott S. The cantaloupes grown today are pretty tasteless compared to those I had growing up many years ago. The same for honeydew, I haven’t had a good one in years.

Christopher C. Cant look at someone eating cantaloupe and not get angry. Grandma used to make me eat it. I don’t like it! Yes you do! Still took me 45 years to see someone eating cantaloupe and acknowledge that they could possible be a good person.

Kerri W. This is dragonfruit, for me: it’s like nature’s cruel joke. Looks exciting but tastes like a potato trying to be a kiwi.

KC H. Cantelope- The Contagious Melon. I HATE how it makes all other fruit that comes in contact with it, taste like it.

Khahlilah H. I don’t get the cantaloupe hate when cranberries exist! Have you ever had a raw cranberry?? It’s an awful experience!

baby frowning yikes

Tiffany B. If you don’t get it when it’s perfectly ripe, and you bite into it, makes you regret every damn thing you’ve done in life! 😂

Danielle D. I hate it because then it touches the other fruits and gives them identity crisis too. The loudest ass wrong fruit ever!

Colette B. I feel exactly the same about honeydew 🍈. If you don’t get them perfectly ripe…which never happens if you’re buying from the supermarket, then it’s not worth wasting your tastebuds to be disappointed.

Wylea C. I buy cantaloupe for myself when buying watermelon for my family. Watermelon, to me, tastes like disappointing weather during a beach vacation that clears up the day you’re leaving 😂😂😂

Jessica E. Ripe, sweet cantaloupe is delicious. The problem is grocery stores and restaurants slicing up unripened, premature baby cantaloupes for their salad bars. That’s the real crime here.

Gladys P. In my childhood home we put a little salt and pepper on the cantaloupe! I LOVE it with pepper!

Christina S. That’s what I thought until I tasted one that was properly ripe. If you can’t smell it through both its skin and your mask, it’s not worth cutting open. If you can, you’ll taste its fully committed flavor. (Whether you like it will be up to you. I love it, but properly ripe cantaloupe are hard to find, so I rarely eat it.)

Ingrid G. It always seems like a good idea until I start to chew.

chewing gross canteloupe

Nat F. My niece describes it as tasting “too round” and somehow that makes perfect sense to me.

Kristin C. They are so nasty. When my daughter was a baby we went to a buffet with my mom and she saw my mom’s cantaloupe. She loved anything orange so she was reaching for it. My mom asked if it was okay since she was still trying new foods and I said it was fine. She took a bite then gave my mom a dirty look and threw it at her. She obviously feels the same way I do about cantaloupe.

Melissa M. Cantaloupe peices wrapped in prosciutto. Sounds disgusting but it’s absolutely delicious. They eat it like this in Italy. Thank me later.

Christine P. Cantaloupe and honeydew have about a 24-hour window where they are delicious. Before that time…trash. After that time…trash. They have avocado syndrome but at least the freshness of avocados is easier to see.

Carrie B. Honeydew is def an indecisive fruit. Cantaloupe made a decision, I’m just not convinced it was a good one.

Felicia S. Cantaloupe is a struggle melon to me…just reminds me of too many sad continental breakfast buffets at conferences in the before times…

Marva C. OK I’m glad it’s not just me thinks it’s the fruit embodiment of disappointment and unmet expectations.

Nicole A. Is there anything more disappointing than ordering the fruit plate at brunch and you get a bowl with one limp strawberry, a couple of grapes, and a slice of underripe mango on a massive bed of gross trash-ass canteloupe and honeydew?

Shannon G. That is EXACTLY right. It is straight-up trash fruit. Is it sweet? Is it salty? Is it bland? Is it tangy? Yes. No. It is crap.

trash cantaloupe

Elia D. Tastes better than honeydew, though. That one disappointed me enough times I finally said, “Nope, no more” and if I can avoid it, I don’t touch it.

Guinevere D. & the protein in it is similar enough to ragweed that people with hay fever shouldn’t bother with it anyhow.

Leigh Ann K. The french say you gotta let it sit on the counter until you can smell it when you walk in the kitchen. Then you can eat it.

Candace H. Just say you don’t know how to pick a ripe one.

Joy K. Sprinkle just a little bit of salt on it. It will make your tastebuds sing.

Lydia H. This right here! I thought I was alone in my disdain for cantaloupe and honeydew. The very smell makes me sick. Please stop
putting this indecisive fruit in fruit salad…contaminating the rest of the fruit.

MsElka S. Try eating it after a return trip from Africa, the Caribbean, or South & Central America. You wanna straight-up fight. Gives
you reason to say grace before every meal….to tolerate the taste.

Kimberly B. It’s probably my least favorite fruit. I mean… I’ll eat it if it’s there but I have never been happy about it. Just meeeh AF…

Tanya N. Tastes just like regrets and bad decisions. Don’t @ me.

I tweeted at y’all the same statement and we’re feeling me over there, too. Check out some of my favorite replies!

@layla_job Cantaloupe tastes like it has no self-esteem

who hurt you? modern family gif

@LaTinaWash22 Yea, it’s like hitting the lottery when you get one that taste good from the first bite on. I’ve had more meh-tasting
ones than good ones.

@islandgial95 I would argue that whoever gave you that cantaloupe to eat didn’t give the good one. When perfectly ripe they are sweet
and quite flavorful…not talking about honeydew melon..that’s a whole other

@southflacutie For the past two years the taste of melons on the whole have been bland. I stopped purchasing them altogether.

@StavinchiNY Honeydew is the worst. It’s really the one thing you can tweet negatively about and not one person will jump in to defend it.

@iam_msjolene Lol okay very true…but when I tasted a farmers market cantaloupe I thought ‘oh this is what they’re supposed to taste like’. Most store bought are unripe

@ReveriefitRae I see it this way, cantaloupe is the Lance in *NSYNC of fruits. You can appreciate it, but the rest of the fruits are really great…

@MelissaMCherry I hate and I mean HATE cantaloupe and honeydew melon. I will die on that hill.

@DebraMeadow A good melon is a beautiful thing. A bad melon is a common thing.

good canteloupe is hard to find sadness

@blahzayskippy Cantaloupe is that one person in every music group that we aren’t even sure how or why they are a member.

@dqDST1913 You gotta find a good one. The majority taste like they waterboarded the fruit before it hit the stands.

@WhiskeyOnTheRox It ruins everything it touches.

@becaalexandru It’s a MEH-lon.

@GoLeftMitali To me it’s just like honeydew melon. damn filler fruit taking space in the fruit cup where a yummy strawberry or
pineapple could be. step aside, cantaloupe, you don’t belong here.

@a_boss_sandwich I feel like honeydew melon was trying to be cantaloupe and also gave up halfway.

@Over65T Cantaloupe is so weird it’s perfectly ripe for just two hours.

@TheGreyIdris It really be seeming like it’s finna taste lile something and then NOPE.

canteloupe taste like nothing

@MyScone319 Yesss, out of season fruit tastes like heartbreak!!

@Sarcsnarks Papaya, too. Tastes like uncertainty.

@TheJayAgenda Can I buy this tweet as an NFT? 💀

@the_emme_ternet Canta-nope

cantanope gif

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