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On Forsaken Standards, Forgotten Serenity and Finding Success

With the first quarter of the year in the rearview mirror, I took last week completely off grid to fill my cup back up and embraced the full, unadulterated glory of recharging. 🔋 ​ We’ll talk more about why this matters in a bit, but even if you can give …

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Mama Bolt’s Disappointment is Universal Mom Love Language

There is no one who can bring you down to Earth better and quicker than your own mother. It seems that once you have a child, your shade savant abilities triples, and your gift of petty is enhanced. From the way moms can cut that look that will quickly make …

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On My New Workout Regimen, Olympics Inspiration and Getting Quicker

True story: the only running I usually ever do is when I’m going to catch a flight, because I am often running late for it. And working out has been my kryptonite since I graduated high school (in 2002). I am one of those who you might love to hate: …

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The Simones Sprinkled Black Girl Gold Dust at the Olympics

It is a good time to be named “Simone.” Yesterday, Simone Biles and Simone Manuel won gold medals in their respective competitions at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. They both made history while doing it too and I was ready to lose my voice as I hollered last night. First …


We Gotta Talk About Nigeria’s Olympics Opening Ceremony Outfit Fail

I gotta admit that my favorite part of the Olympics is the opening ceremony. All the pomp and circumstance, but especially the march of nations. I love it because it humbles me, reminding me that I don’t know shit about geography, as I go “WHO?” at most of the countries …


The Sochi Olympics is the Motel 6 of Sporting Events

The Sochi Winter Olympics has been steeped in controversy, seemingly from the start. When Vladimir Putin enacted those draconian laws against the LGBT community, criminalizing homosexuality, it set the tone for what was looking like the FuckShit Games. Then there’s been the terror threats. Folks have insisted that Russia was the …

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Dear Everyone Hating on Gabby Douglas’ Hair, Have A Seat.

Three weeks ago, I didn’t know who Gabrielle Douglas was. I had never heard of the 4 foot 11 inches 16-year-old from Virginia with an infectious smile and a love for the Lord. Now, I know and love Gabby, as if she was a little sister or cousin. I root …


Rio Won Olympics and Chicago’s Mad

So by now, you already heard that Rio won the 2016 Olympics. My poor city, Chicago was the first one eliminated. The Olympic Committee went: “I’m happy for you, Chicago & I’mo let you finish, but Rio had the BEST Olympic bid of ALL TIME! Oh, and 2016 DEEZ!!! Giggity, …