My Life

Black Velvet Napoleon Failed

I went to a part one of my fave DJs (Dee Money) was throwing the night of Thanksgiving. I was minding my own business (as I always do O_o) when some short dude in a velvet blazer approached me.

Whose is this?

Whose Cousin is This with the Jolly Rancher Barrettes?

Whose ratchet ol’ cousin is this?!? I saw this picture and wanted to go kick every trashcan in a 5-mile radius. There’s sooo much tomfoolery in this picture that I don’t even know where to start. Fine, I guess we’ll work our way down from the top. First he has colored contacts. Then braids. With Jolly Rancher beads. iCan’t.


Dear Baby Bangs Creator

Mkay so I thought I was gonna be done with the baby hairhattery foolishness for real, but apparently not. Yesterday morning, the creator of Baby Bangs left a comment on the blog I wrote about her idiotic product, so y’all know I gotta respond in a letter to her. I …


Baby Bangs Foolishness

So I was chatting with the ePosse on Gmail the other night when PBG decides she wanted to ruin my night by sending me a link. I click on it and was immediately appalled at the foolishness I witnessed. It’s a site called Baby Bangs! Hair Band. Yes, this is …