Barack Obama Ankles
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Barack’s Moisturized Ankles Aren’t Playing Fair

While the world is crumbling and everything is a dumpster fire and I got more grey hairs in my edges than I can count, some people are flourishing. By some people, I mean President Barack Obama. You know, our ex. The One Who Got Away. The fool who sits in …

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Let’s Talk About the Official Obama Portraits

It is Black History Month Year 2018, and we are being blessed with the drop of Black Panther later on this week. Wakanda, we are coming!!! This morning, the unveiling of the much-anticipated official portraits for President (always my president) Barack Obama and Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama happened. Each one …

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Dear President Barack Obama, So This Love is Just Over?

Because we’re having a rough time with the end of this relationship. I just wanna write him a letter, because he is not. Ain’t nothing worse being the only miserable party, cuz the way my petty is setup, I want us to wallow together. BUT NO. Barack outchea flourishing. Dear …

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Can We Drunk Text Our Bae, Barack, That We Miss Him?

The New Yorker published an imaginary text conversation between Barack Obama and someone who represents all of us still in our feelings about him leaving the White House. Here’s a snippet: Barack: You knew this would be tough at first. Transitions are never simple. Me: I miss you so bad …

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A Handy Guide to Disrespecting Cheeto Satan

In 2 days, the mascot of white supremacy and proof that God sometimes rushes through the creation process, Donald Trump the Dusty Degenerate, will be sworn in as president of the United States. And the four horsemen of the apocalypse will ride in as Jesus emerges behind them with a whip …

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So FLOTUS and POTUS Are Just Gonna Steal My Heart on the Cover of ESSENCE. Ok.

Listen here. I’m already in my feelings about a variety of things. And then ESSENCE Magazine came and dropped their latest cover, featuring President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Now I don’t know how to act because the 21st Century Love Jones couple got me all verklempt from …

Barack Michelle Obama Love Story
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A Barack and Michelle Love Story Biopic Is Coming. It Better Not Be Awful!

Biopics are all the rage right now because every movie studio, TV channel and semi-funded creating establishment is re-telling the stories of some of our favorite icons, living legends and slightly successful public figure. Let’s face it: most of them suck. From the Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana to …

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President Obama Looked Bored, Mitt Blinked a Lot and Sesame Street-Gate: Debate Recap

I watched the Presidential debate and it was 1.5 hours of side-eying and roast on my part. If you’re looking for a great post on all the issues and stances and rebuttals and whatnot, this ain’t that. Go to, and getchu some of that there. Me? I’m here …

Barack Obama Seat Tweet
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Clint Eastwood Talks to an Invisible Obama and Barack’s Team Shades Him

The Republican National Convention that’s going on right now has had so many foolish moments that even the Onion couldn’t have made this stuff up. There’s no reason to write satirical stories about the RNC because the GOP is acting enough of a fool for life to be funnier than …

Black History Painting on Horses
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Black Historical Figures Ride on Horses to Glory

I was minding my own business when one of my dope readers (@BeautyIntheGeek) emailed me talmbout how she went to the African Festival of the Arts in Chicago yesterday. It’s a great annual event and I usually go to load up on shea butter and to watch people rock their …