EndSARS: Why Nigerians are Protesting and How You Can Help

#EndSARS: Why Nigerians are Protesting and How You Can Help

The revolution is now and I need you to join the fight against SARS. Over the last week, Nigerians have been marching in the streets and protesting online against police brutality. SARS stands for The Special Anti-Robbery Squad. They were created in 1992 to deal with crimes associated with robbery, …

Jollof rice

My Prayers for You on World Jollof Rice Day!

Two years ago, I had a party to celebrate my blog’s Golden birthday. I had a food bar and a dessert bar with cupcakes and banana pudding. And I had 2 trays of jollof rice, cooked by my Mom, the Jollof Slayer. My party started at 7pm. At 7:45pm, I saw …


We Gotta Talk About Nigeria’s Olympics Opening Ceremony Outfit Fail

I gotta admit that my favorite part of the Olympics is the opening ceremony. All the pomp and circumstance, but especially the march of nations. I love it because it humbles me, reminding me that I don’t know shit about geography, as I go “WHO?” at most of the countries …

African Snails

67 African Snails Confiscated at LAX Airport and Deliciousness is Wasted

Earlier this month, 67 live snails were found in a picnic basket at Los Angeles International Airport. They were brought from Lagos, Nigeria and were headed to be eaten by someone who appreciates their deliciousness. But they were seized by Customs, because you aren’t supposed to be bringing in wildlife …

Patience Jonathan Only You Waka Come

Nigeria’s First Lady (Patience Jonathan), Her Broken English and These Struggle Tears

I haven’t blogged about the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped but I’ve been keeping track of the story and posting my thoughts on my Facebook profile. I might write about it. Not sure. We shall see. But I haz many thoughts. Anywho, Nigeria’s leaders have been super slow on reacting …

My LifeTravel

5 Things To Do in Lagos, Nigeria (or Victoria Island)

I’m back from Nigeria, folks! I spoke at Social Media Week Lagos and as always, I had a blast. Those 6 days went by so damb quick that my memories got whiplash. Time flies when you’re doing hoodrat things with your friends in another country. Anywho, I’m here to share …

CultureMy Life

About Yoruba Names and their Meanings

As some may know, I’m Nigerian, specifically Yoruba. We’re in the Southwest part of the country, but we’re global because our culture and our people are all over the world. We’re over 35 million strong and we are everything. Yes, I’m biased. Anywho, yesterday, I started tweeting about how important …

Social Media Week Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age
BusinessMy LifeTravel

In Case You Miss Me, I’ll Be at Social Media Week Lagos

My peoples. So don’t put out an amber alert on a G, but I will be missing around these parts for this next week because I’ma be in Nigeria for Social Media Week Lagos. YASSSS GAWD, hunny! I organized a panel called “Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age” and will be …

Keep Calm Nigerian

10 Things That Happened After Nigeria Won the African Cup

Nigeria just defeated Burkina Faso to win the African Soccer something big and awesome championship match tournament. Or the African Cup of Nations. But I like my description better. Anywho, Nigerians everywhere are currently losing their minds in glee. 1. Your Facebook newsfeeds exploded with celebrating Nigerians. The moment the …

Social Media Week Lagos
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Social Media Week Lagos, Here I Come!

Social Media Week is a global event that happens in multiple cities all over the world at the same damb time. The goal is to explore the “social, cultural and economic impact of social media.” So it’s basically All Social Media Everything. It happens twice a year, in February and …