Speak Up for Yourself (with Gabrielle Union) – Episode 42 of Rants & Randomness

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This week on Rants & Randomness, I’m talking to the amazing Gabrielle Union. We met in person for the first time last summer, and we’ve been trying to make this conversation happen ever since. And it was worth the wait.

We’re talking all about her 25 year and counting career, the struggles that have come along the way, and dig deep on what happened on that America’s Got Talent set that made her speak out loudly about racism at work! ⁣⁣

We also discuss her parenting mantra as she raises children who are free to be ALL they are. Shoutout to @kaaviajames aka #ShadyBaby for letting me borrow her mama’s time for an hour.

This conversation was fresh air. Don’t miss this conversation. You’ll feel more empowered to show up and tell the truth to those in power and ready to do what it takes to get yourself and everyone around you free.

Make sure you’re following Gabrielle everywhere on these interwebs. You can find her on Twitter at @itsgabrielleu, and Instagram at @gabunion.

Much love to Chicago Recording Company, where I get the help needed to make these episodes come to life – even recording from home.

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Download Episode 42 Transcript
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