Take No Shit (In Case You Need to Hear This)

Yesterday, I posted a video on my IGTV, about how we as humans are not entitled to take people’s shit.

Hey, this is Luvvie. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I know somebody needs to hear it because I just had to tell somebody. You ain’t got to take people’s shit. You don’t have to take anybody’s shit. You ain’t got to take your family members shit. You ain’t got to take your friend shit. You ain’t got to take my shit. When people show up in your life and want to cheat you, make you feel bad, make you feel like you got to deal and somehow obligated to stay through their abuse, their disrespect, them taking advantage of you, them cheating you.

In case you need this reminder, I want to let you know, you don’t have to take their shit. You don’t have to put up with it. Do not let capitalism, don’t let the grind culture, don’t let white man, don’t let man, don’t let anybody make you feel like you have to stand in their bullshit.

You don’t. Leave. Don’t let your husband, don’t let nobody because, especially women, people act like we get badges of honor by being martyrs. I’m Nigerian. I don’t be knowing this stuff. How do you say that word? Martyrs. By basically sacrificing yourself.

Do not feel like you constantly have to betray yourself to be worthy of love, friendship, employment, to be worthy of just being. This world will just make you feel like you should be grateful that people are paying you any attention or paying you money for doing the work that you showed up for. Don’t let nobody make you feel bad about being who you are. Don’t let nobody make you feel bad for wanting to be respected and not abused. Don’t let nobody make you feel bad for wanting to love what you do. Don’t let nobody make you feel bad for being you, for being the woman that you are, for being the black woman that you are, for being the dope person that you are.

You ain’t got to put up with people’s shit. I feel like we just somehow told to just stand and double down when people just come for us. I ain’t got to take your shit and you ain’t got to take that shit either. And you ain’t got to take my shit either. So hope you are having a great day, don’t take nobody’s shit.


This post is a transcript of my rant on IGTV, below.

Here are a few of your comments from the posts:

tendiextravagant Was feeling fragile today. Totally needed to hear this. Also luvvie we don’t have to put up with our own bullshit.
agbadabooks It’s really all about having high #selfofsteam. Lol. But on a serious note, I used to think taking people’s crap made me good and tolerant. Not any more. Now it’s fire for fire! Its ok if I’m the bad guy!
imnotdaria Yes Luvvie ???????????????? It’s not everyday sacrificial lamb for invisible badges of ‘honour’. Nope. Carry your nonsense elsewhere because suffering needlessly is not on brand hun ????
ms.bloo If only this could apply to work ???? (side note from Luvvie: It can. And it SHOULD.)
sheldrakeconsulting Yesssssss ????????????! Louder for the martyrs in the back! I used to be like that, because the profession I was in socialized me to believe that that’s what I was supposed to do in order to be a good. And all it got me was more work for less pay and more heartache.
momsncharge Whew! ???????????????????????? Just finished telling someone yesterday how I had to fire a client cause his team was so rude/disrespectful.
deuannatolbert Say it again!!! Stop taking crap from other folks who aren’t ????????????????serving you.
ccthelove Periodt! Thanks aunty @luvvie…I needed this. It’s the part about badge of honor that hit home for me. Enough is enough…stepping into my power.
geezooks Learn to say “No” y’all! Especially when other people try to bring their shit. I’ve got my own, I don’t need yours.
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