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Blow them Away (with Courtney A. Kemp) – Episode 40 of Rants & Randomness

Get ready for this episode of Rants & Randomness. It’s a good one.

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I’m continuing this week with my roster of amazing, powerhouse Black women to celebrate Women’s History Month, and today’s guest has made all kinds of history in entertainment. Today, I’m talking to television writer, producer, showrunner and co-creator of the hit series “Power,” Courtney A. Kemp.

Usually, I start every episode with something I’m ranting about, something I’m feeling good about and something random that I’m spotlighting. But every once in a while, we end up with an episode that is so good that it has to stand on its own. We need the time to hear the wisdom. And today’s episode is packed with all the gems of wisdom you could ever want.

There were so many things that I loved about this interview, but at one point we were talking about imposter syndrome, and Courtney almost had me up out of my chair she was preaching so hard.

Courtney does not have time for any of this foolishness.

It was so refreshing to hear Courtney speak so boldly about showing up with excellence and doing what she does best, how her dad informed the creation of the character Ghost on Power, why every good story has universal truth, and why she’s grateful people are passionate about her shows and they also need to take it down about 15 notches when they get so involved they forget where real life ends and a fictional TV show begins.

And don’t worry – we also talk about important things like how we both maintain our fabulously glowing skin.

Make sure you’re following Courtney everywhere on these interwebs. You can find her on Twitter at@courtneykemp, and Instagram at @courtneyakemp.

Much love to Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode (pre-social distancing!).

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