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The Stages of Social Media Grief – BONUS Episode 10 of Rants & Randomness

We originally intended to air a regular episode of Rants & Randomness this week, with the feel goods and the rant and spotlight and interview, but I decided to scrap that plan. Too much weighing on my spirit.

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In the wake of the horrible helicopter crash that took the lives of 9 victims – including Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, an article that I wrote about 10 years ago started getting shared on social media in response to all the terrible behavior we were seeing around the reporting of the crash and mourning for this tragic loss.

I just had to talk about this on the podcast this week, because, y’all – we’ve got to do better.

The article I wrote was in response to the death of singer Teena Marie, but this pattern comes up again and again and again.

  1. Rumor of celebrity death
  2. Debates and arguments about the validity of the source reporting the death
  3. Celebrity death reported by a major news source
  4. Collective mourning and grieving on social media
  5. Arguing about how other people choose to grieve

There are some subpoints we go into in the podcast, so be sure you listen, but the big takeaway for me is this –

Speed vs. Accuracy
When reporting big stories like this, it’s a race to see who breaks the news first. And some big mistakes were made on this story. We’re breaking all kinds of common courtesy rules, and in this case, TMZ reported the deaths before the families were notified, which is just not okay.

Life is Fleeting
Regardless of how you feel about that celebrity when they die, it’s a reminder that life is short and that we have to live loudly and urgently. Waking up every morning is a privilege. We can’t take that for granted.

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Download BONUS Episode 10 Transcript

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