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This week, I’m talking about my feel-good of Andrew Gillum’s win in Florida. I’m ranting about all these trendy foods and why I’m not here for them and spotlighting Dream Village. My guest is the incredible Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity hairstylist, and a great friend of mine.

Feel Good

This week’s feel good is Andrew Gillum‘s win in Florida. He’s the mayor of Tallahassee, and he pulled off a major upset to become the Democratic nominee for Florida’s governor. It was a close race, but he won. The win makes him the first black gubernatorial candidate ever for Florida. And I could not be more thrilled about it. He’s a progressive pusher for things like the $15 minimum wage, and Medicare for all. And it just shows how important it is for us to go out to vote because he won by a small margin. Every vote definitely counts.

My Rant

My rant this week is about all of these trendy foods, especially kale. I’m not here for kale. I feel like kale tastes like dreams deferred. There was a point where kale was not this vegetable du jour, and it turns out that how kale became this big thing is the American Kale Association, which can you imagine? There’s an American Kale Association. They hired a publicist to grow its brand. And she pitched the food to friends and former clients in the restaurant industry, and then all of a sudden it became the “it” vegetable. Not okay.

My Randomness

I’m spotlighting Dream Village. Dream Village is a coworking event and dreaming space created by my friend, Eunique Jones Gibson, my first ever guest on this podcast. If you haven’t listened to that episode, you should. She’s also the creator and founder of, Because of Them We Can campaign. Eunique basically created a space where black people can go and see their dreams created, find community, and just have space to do the work that they need to do. And Eunique is seriously a visionary and realized that people needed that village, that circle of people to help you learn, to help you grow. And we’re in a very special time for black creatives, where it’s like another Renaissance of sorts. But where do we meet up? How do we find each other if we don’t necessarily have the organic community? So, she built Dream Village to be a member’s only coworking space.

My Guest: Felicia Leatherwood

This week, my guest is Felicia Leatherwood. Her styles have been featured on such high-profile actors, Oscar award nominee, Ava DuVernay, Issa Rae of HBO’s Insecure, megastar Will Smith, Grammy winner and R&B superstar, Jill Scott. Whether online or on Fox’s hit show, The Real, or in person, Leatherwood’s message is rooted in the idea of holistic health and fundamentally loving yourself. A true inside out approach to hair care. It is from these experiences that the idea of a specialized hair solution began to form. Felicia’s work has been featured in Vogue, Variety, Essence, Elle, Ebony, more.

In this episode, we are talking about how to stay true to who you are and what you want from the jump, investing in your business, and always bringing the light.

You can follow Felicia on Instagram at @lovingyourhair. As always, much love to the Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

Much love to Chicago Recording Company, where I record each episode!

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Download Episode 14 Transcript
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