Live Your Best Life (with Necole Kane) – Episode 6 of Rants & Randomness

Hey y’all! We’re six episodes into Rants & Randomness and I’m excited that so many of you are listening and loving it! In fact, Rants & Randomness is a featured podcast on Spotify. So dope! Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in so far.

This episode, I’m talking about how I’m on my first solo magazine cover, ranting about the royal womb, and I’m interviewing Necole Kane of xoNecole.com.

This week’s feel-good moment is that I’m on my first solo magazine cover! You can catch me on the cover of MADE Magazine for their April issue. A year ago I was on the cover of ESSENCE for their Woke 100 Women issue. So to have my own cover a  year later feels incredible. It’s a full-circle moment and in times like this I am really clear that there is a higher power working on me. I also owe so much to my LuvvNation community! Y’all have showed me so much love and I really appreciate it!

My Rant

My rant of the week is about Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. She just gave birth to her third child and seven hours after giving birth she gave a public showing of the baby with all the media and paparazzi there. I have a problem with it, because it is ridiculous that she has to parade this baby around so soon after the delivery. I know people leave the hospital sooner in the UK, but they could have left privately. Also, y’all are exposing this baby to the elements! Who thought this was a great idea? I don’t even know how she was standing up straight, not to mention wearing heels. I just hope Meghan Markle has a black grandma to stand up for her against these types of royal traditions that seem asinine.

My Randomness

My spotlight this week is a book I’ve loved for a long time: The Alchemist. The book is about one man’s journey to find the soul of the world and his own destiny. Basically, the book talks about how if you want something really bad, it will happen. I read The Alchemist  over 5 hours and absorbed the belief that when I want something, all of the universe will conspire in helping me to achieve it. The next morning I got up and started typing some of the 75,000 words that eventually became my book. The message is powerful and it’s a beautiful book that I think everyone should read. Personally, I read this book once a year and I keep it by my nightstand. Pick up a copy and get your life!

My Guest

My guest for this episode is Necole Kane, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of xoNecole.com. Necole is an entrepreneur who evolves with the world around her. As the founder of celebrity gossip blog NecoleBitchie.com, Necole amassed a following of over 5 million unique visitors and garnered accolades that included a Soul Train Music Award, Blogger Of The Year Award and features in Cosmo, Black Enterprise, The Baltimore Sun, Ebony as well as Rihanna’s 777 Tour Special on Fox. Inspired to leave the superficial, tea-spilling world of celeb scoops, Necole took a leap of faith and retired from the celebrity gossip blogging game during her 7th and most successful year in an attempt to pursue a path that was filled with purpose an intention. In 2015, she launched a multidimensional lifestyle site xoNecole with a mission to inspire women through its various lifestyle, career, beauty, relationship and wellness articles, while also using the platform to encourage trailblazing women to take time to recharge and live their best lives. xoNecole was recently acquired by Will Packer Media and the site will expand into experiential events as well as web series, television and film project. 

Necole is someone I respect so much, not only because of the work that she’s done but also because of her transparency. During our conversation she takes us through the ins and outs of her career journey, from blogging in her aunt’s living room to building relationships with high-profile music executives. However, as her website and career grew, it took a toll on her personal life and she realized that she needed to move on. Necole gets real as we talk about going through a career transformation, launching xoNecole.com, and the recent acquisition of her website. She also shares her self-care tips, including the 12 things she does every morning to start her day. You’re definitely going to want to add some of these things to your routine!

“I knew my legacy would be something empowering…and it seems to be just me being an example of how you can live your best life.”

On how she knew it was time to move on in her career:

“When you wake up everyday daydreaming about doing something else, it’s time to make a change.”

On an important lesson she’s learned:

“What I’ve learned over time is that when you’re transforming, you’re not going to take everybody with you.”

Basically, Necole is incredible and I love how she shares her story so that others can learn from it. Go listen to all of our conversation and get your entire life from the wisdom she drops! You can follow Necole on Twitter and Instagram (@hellonecole). Also check out her websites xoNecole.com and NecoleKane.com.

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