Real Gs Move in Silence Like Wakanda (with Eunique Jones Gibson) – Episode 1 of Rants and Randomness

My people! You know I’m always doing all the things! My latest thing is here, and it is long overdue!

I AM SO EXCITED to announce the launch of my podcast: Rants and Randomness! But lemme take it back a little bit. I used to have a podcast a few years ago with my boy Scott Hanselman. It was called Ratchet and the Geek and we talked about all types of things in TV, gadgets, tech and whatever else. We did 15 episodes and I had a blast!

Podcasting has been on my mind for a bit and I am finally ready to jump back in the pool!  So finally, IT IS HERE. I’ve partnered with Chicago Recording Company, where I drop the sounds and Savv Media to produce my new podcast, Rants and Randomness!

Luvvie Wakanda Sweatshirt

Me recording. Yes, I did it while rocking a WAKANDA sweatshirt (from Habitually Fly).

So what am I talmbout on it? I’m bringing you things I love, things I side-eye and interviewing people you know and those I think you should know. Here’s the official description:

Rants and Randomness covers all things pop culture and relevant to our lives, through the lens of our resident Side-Eye Sorceress, Luvvie Ajayi. There will be judgment, but lovingly. There will be shade, but that’s necessary sometimes. There will be (of course) rants, because why not? There will be randomness, with me spotlighting things I love. And there will be special guests: people you already know and love and people you need to know.

The first episode is already out now and it’s called “Real Gs move in silence like Wakanda.” On it, I talk about how I’m open about a lot of things but not my love life, and that gets people assuming whatever they want about who or what I’m dating. As long as you expect me to be dating a bad bitch, I don’t care about the rest.

I lose my MIND over Black Panther (read my review). A film about a superhero whose costume is fueled by the forces that have been sent to destroy it is epitome of poetry! And the way melanin jumps off the screen and serves a feast to your eyes. AND how it affirms African kids like me, who came to the US, and had to hide their accent because it made them too different. I am obsessed with this film!

Plus I interview the incredible Eunique Jones Gibson, who has blessed the world with the Because of Them We Can campaign, and most recently, the Dream Village. Turns out what she wanted to be when she was growing up wasn’t even close to what she’s doing now, and it’s still a dream she wants realized.

RandR Ep 1 - Eunique Jones Gibson

You can listen to Rants & Randomness NOW on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play! Please listen, share it, and leave a rating! I hope you love it as much as I do! Let’s do this, LuvvNation!

The show has already been getting so much love!

The best surprise feedback I’m getting from the first episode is that my voice is soothing. One of my useless goat friends even said if my career as a professional troublemaker doesn’t work out, I can become a phone sex operator. It’s really good to know I have options.

Those of you who have listened so far have left some INCREDIBLE reviews on iTunes (keep them coming). Here are my faves:


“This chic is everything and so authentic in the truth. Keeps me laughing and tooting my lips at the same time saying “hmmm mmmm..i know that’s right!”

“I loved the the 1st episode from start to finish. Luvvie was engaging and the show had a nice flow. She is totally relatable, engaging and her subject matter was interesting. I felt like I was part of her “group chat”. We could totally be friends. ✊????”

“She would be Luvvie! Ms. Ajayi is the voice America (and the world) needs right now. She is holding court, and everyone and everything will be given her judgement.”

“So the question is why did it take so long for the side-eye sorceress extraordinaire to have a podcast? Luvvie Ajayi gives us life with her insightfully hilarious and eerily spot on commentary about ery’ thing! I religiously read her blog, refer to her do good manual “I’m Judging You”, and follow her on all SM platforms. Now I get to hear her voice as she reads us all and guess what? I ???????? am???????? here ???????? for ???????? it! Episode 1 is everything I expected from Luvvie and more! Yaassssss! #LuvvNation”

“I was an early buyer of “I’m Judging You,” including multiple copies to give to friends. Now I’m excited to be an early listener of Rants and Randomness. Terrific interview with Eunique Jones! The best part to me was Luvvie showing some sisterly accountability for self-care by asking Eunique what she’s doing to take care of her physical, mental and energy wellness. Eunique had to pause. Great moment of self-awareness and #blackgirlmagic love. The vibe, intellectual nimbleness, humor, content — all DOPE! I will be sharing this podcast with my network. Thanks, Ms. Ajayi, for lifting others as you climb. Keep learning and soaring!”

“I’ve always loved Luvvie’s writing style. Her creativity, humor and honesty is something to appreciate, and now we get all of that and even more with this podcast! I’m super excited for you and after the listening to the first episode I know you’re about to bring the people what they need to hear. Much respect and much love! ✊????”

“If you love a bit of political commentary mixed in with pop culture and a pinch of ratch and some Nigerian flavor then you have come to the right place my friend! Luvvie will give u your much needed life and make your heart full of laughter and jollof rice! ????????????????????????”

I LOVE Y’ALL!!! Thank you for showing this podcast love. Episode 2 drops next Tuesday (March 6, 2018). Subscribe so you get a notification when it’s out!

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