Run Your Race (with Eunique Jones Gibson) – Episode 6 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to my girl Eunique Jones Gibson.


Throughout the month of February, which we’re considering Fear-Fighter February, I’m going to jump on Instagram Live on Fridays (make sure you’re following me – @luvvie everywhere) and be in conversation with people who I think are professional troublemakers. We did our first conversation this past week with my girl Eunique Jones Gibson – Founder of Because of Them We Can, and creator of #CultureTags. Eunique was my first guest on the podcast, so be sure to check that conversation out as well.


This conversation was just too good to keep on IG Live, so we shuffled some podcast things around and we’re bringing you this conversation as a full episode of Professional Troublemaker.

Eunique and I are those friends who give each other courage when the other is staring down something that feels too big. She’s the one I called when I was going to turn down my TED talk (that now has more than 5 million views) and she set me straight. And I encouraged her to create #CultureTags after we played it for three hours at my house and kept sending each other hashtags via WhatsApp for days after.

Because we’re always talking about our ideas that we are trying to bring into the world, we spent some time talking about a question people always ask us – what do you do about sharing your ideas if you’re worried someone might steal them? Eunique’s full response was amazing, but this was the absolute mic drop:

Putting your ideas, putting yourself out there is something that brings fear right into your face, but I loved this word that Eunique was preaching about one of the reasons that fear pulls up in front of us that we may not always consider:

Sometimes we have fear because we're trying to put shoes on that don't fit and we know they don't fit. Run your race. Wear your shoes. Figure our where you fit.

I’ve been talking a lot about how it is frustrating to watch when people opt out of the best-case scenario because they are so fearful of the worst-case scenario. They don’t put themselves out there and take risks. But really, the worst thing that can happen if we fail is this:

This conversation completely turned me around and set me back on the right track last week. I hope it does the same for you. You can follow Eunique on Instagram at @euniquejg and on Twitter at @eunique. And go get #CultureTags at a Target near you or on the #CultureTags website!

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