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Don’t Come for Cher on DACA. You Might Get Ethered

Cheeto Satan and his administration sunk to new lows of cruelty this week when it was announced that DACA (Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals) was being rescinded. This leaves around 800,000 people vulnerable and uncertain of their future in this country. As an immigrant, I stand with other immigrants. DREAMers should not be sent to countries they have never called home. What’s happening is not okay.

In the midst of all this, Cher took to her Twitter account to pledge support for those who will be affected by the end of DACA. And when a troll tried to come for her, she became the hero we all needed.

People really gotta learn when to stay in their lanes. Ol’ girl learned that hers wasn’t in challenging a legend on what she said she wanted to do. Some folks think celebrities gotta take the bullshit they send their way. Nah, Cher had a time yesterday. Besides, shutting the fuck up is always free.

Dropped this on my FB page and my people had a field day!

Mallory: Brenda’s somewhere like, If I could turn back time

Renita: Let me download a Cher song since i can’t throw a $1 on the altar…

Leteshia: Bout to dip into my collection plate $$. Cher swung her hair and let those fingers make it plaiiiiinnnn that she is not the 1, 2, OR the 3!!!
#eyesopenbitch #dontblink #cheroutcheabeinganallyandscalpingfolks #whatatimetobealive

Ebony: She has been snatching wigs lately with the comebacks!

Tainette: People you don’t mess with, Cher, Bette or JK Rowlng. You will have your soul handed to you on a silver platter.

Sherrice: Shit…more like beat the hell out of your soul and leave it on the side of the road.

Erin: Cher is forever turning back time on bitches, she’s playing no games with the Becky’s of the world or Twitterverse.

Erin: She’s like I can’t even turn back time to a point in life where any fucks were given lol.

Anitra: How on earth do you come for Cher when she ain’t send? 1. Cher has NEVA had any fuqqs to give and 2. She identifies as Native. Also 3. It’s CHER!!! She wore stockings and flaunted it on the TV! Dawg.

Jamie: A whole entire bedazzled body stocking in front of an entire ship of Sailors at that!

Jennifer: Ol girl Brenda locked her account down quick!! ???? Her mentions must have been in shambles.

Angie: Cause she’s outside gathering her hair pieces that are scattered all over the back yard.

Natasha: Complete and utter disarray!!!

Nyah: Jesus wept. Smh, lol.

Angie: She loves Jesus and Mickey Mouse, God Bless America LMAO

Tracy: Jesus and Mickey Mouse lover trying to drag Cher. Please go back to your scrapbooking and leave the fabulous alone.

Jennifer: Guess Brenda wasn’t Strong Enough to handle being ethered by Cher.

Ashley: Keep Mickey out your mouth Brenda!

Dene: She is such a positive person that she positively got a third degree  courtesy of Cher.

Brandon: She believes in Jesus, but she won’t let him live here unless he’s reborn here.

Melanie: But politics annoy her!! 

Angela: Loves Jesus but he wouldn’t have been allowed in US according to 45!! Cher clearly gets it and Betty totally missed it!!

Angela: Don’t ever come for a 71 year old woman with the body of a 20 something who can hold a five minute plank.

May: #Godshonesttruth #JesuscantsaveyouBrenda

Sherrice: Baby…you ain’t said nuffin. There is a time to talk and a time to be quiet. Brenda now knows the difference.

Kyna: Why did this woman come for Cher? Cher is an original OG. This ain’t what you want Brenda! You can get this work Brenda!

Marlyn: Why y’all messing with CHER??!!! Of all people? CHER has that light your soul on fire clap back! That back in the day clap back! That old skool, real OG, well seasoned and marinated in life clap back! You do not mess with Cher!!!!

Carly: I’m trying to find her mug shot photo from the 60s, she has been fuck free longer than most people been born (“bo’n” like how she sings it in “Half Breed”).

Dee: Cher with the fire clap-back though! ,I’m about to put on my curly wig and leathers in tribute. #wegotyoubih

Sherrice: Everybody knows not to come for Auntie Cher. She left her fucks in 1973.

Bridget: She gave them to Sonny in the divorce settlement!!!!!

Melody: Brenda need to just delete her account and try the Internet in another lifetime. 

Autumn: Why do people continue to come for Muva Cher?? “Do not cometh for she if she has not sendeth for thou”. Deu-not-come-for-me 1:1.

Cyrita: I literally did this at work! Do not come for Cher!

Chemere: Oh Brenda. Girl, your social media life is buried beneath the earth, girl. Your self-esteem is probably laid to rest immediately next to it.

Sherrice: Here lies Brenda’s self esteem. She lost it through her own dumbness.

Rochanda: Cher had the time and the keystrokes today!!

Leteshia: Listen. Brenda’s bio says she’s a lover of Jesus and Disney, but Cher came through to remind her that neither scripture nor cute mouse ears could save her. I hope she called her pastor riiiiight after she locked her account. Brenda bout to be on the prayer list of needs and concerns. Bout to be a member of the sick and shut in group. I hope her friends send her some edible arrangements and every pineapple flower is designed like Cher’s silhouette.

Meghan: I felt that clap back in my soul!

Anastasia: When you forgot Cher ain’t never been here for the shits.

Rudy: Given all of the white women who voted for Trump, it’s hard out here for a queen to have role models but between Cher and Blanche Devereaux, I have a template for making sure my Medicare eligible years are LIT!

Dominique: Brenda needs protective eye-wear. Her retinas will suffer from this burn. Her vision will be cross from Cher’s verbal bitch-slap. Her sight is forever altered by the OG’s super sass.

H: Cher is savage and I am totally, completely and unequivocally here for it!

Cindy: Brenda was like, “Who gon check me boo?!” And Cher wasn’t here for it cause her field is fresh outta fucks to give to dumb bitches.

Jonay: All Brenda had to do was mind her business. DASSIT. But noooo she had to come when nobody sent for her ass.

Jasmyn: Cher has always been about that life!

Cne: Whyyyyyyyy did she come for CHER  She was BORN with no fks to give.

Afiba: Ok Brenda with the good eyesight, Auntie Cher just showed you another side of her. I hope you believe now.

Amanda: And that ladies and gentlemen was the one and only Cherilyn Sarkisian..we must use her full govt. name today.

Rhonda: Brenda got twitter….but Brenda barely got a brain
A dam shame the girl can barely spell cher’s name
Thats not our problem thats up to brendas family….
Well now yall see how dum tweets affect the whole community.
Don’t you know shes got a….don’t you know shes got a twitter…….

Blaze: #ireallydontthinkyourestrongenoughno

Sonya: When Cher speaks, u betta watch and learn, biatch! She is neva afraid to come for you. She is 71 with no fuggs to give!!!

Leteshia: She let Brenda know that loving Jesus was not a pass for tryin to come for Cherilyn Sarkisian. Brenda thought she was being slick but no scripture could’ve prepared her for such a time as this.

Sharon: Invite Cher to the cookout please.

Bridget: Cher is definitely going with #Blaxit no doubts!!!

Keisha: Do you beeeellliiieeeevvvveee in life after ETTTHHHHEEERRRR? I really don’t think you’re strong enough, nooooooooo.

Tiffany: Cher has given no fucks at all ever so why are people tryin her? She will drag your soul to Hell and look fierce as fuck while she does it. I wanna be Cher when I grow up damnit.

Awo: Cher is that Auntie in the family that will cut you and you have no clue you’re bleeding until someone points out the trail of blood.

Bridget: Cher been gangsta since the 70s. She totally savage….she’s like a Highlander. Cut off yo head and absorb your power. That’s how beast she is. Look at her. She ain’t aged. Still look like she did in the movie Mask.

Rella: That was so fire, I feel like I need to keep my eyes open too. The shockwave from that response made every person in a 7,000 mile radius unable to blink.

Angela: Somewhere in the great beyond Sonny is saying “YEAH my babe ethered another one! Oh babe, I got you babe”

Angela: Is she still headlining in Vegas? I must visit and hand her my tithes!

Nicole: OMG! I need to go to a Cher show just for this comment alone!!! Yaaassssss…. get ’em together.

Nel: Aye, don’t start none, won’t be none.

Jen: Brenda has much to learn.

Nicole: This is hilarious. Idk why people believe that celebrities won’t put them in their place when they come at them any kind of way.

Erica: Cher and Auntie Maxine are not to be messed with.

Chantel: Cher is OG-triple-OG with the blood of the indigenous people flowing through her veins. Find her a fuk to give, because she’s been out since she was married to Sonny!

Shakira: Cher has NEVER had a problem giving folks the business! Definitely a giver of not ONE fuck! At. All.

Giselle: I love her…she snatched that wig right quick.

Zaire: It’s been 10 minutes and I still can’t get over this tweet.

Brenda: When a fellow Brenda-ian Fucks it up for all of us. #theresalwaysonedonkey #imnotwithher

Erin: Brenda is bald because Cher just snatched her wig and her edges.

Ana: You lookin’ for Cher, you gonna find her.

Lisa: She does not know the power of the TwitterCher, does she? The force is strong, bitch! LOL

Adrienne: I wasn’t ready. And Brenda Webb didn’t know bout Cher, apparently.

JaRonn: The day that Cher became Auntie to girls and boys all over America.

Jamie: Consider that legendary ass mic DROPPED!

Phyllis: That was a slap in the face for sure and straight out of the script from Moonstruck!

Julie: Cher is, and always has been, devoid of any fucks.

Gloria: …snatched for at least seven generations.

DeAnna: I see you Cher dropping them Golden Girls caliber shady reads!

Anneka: I will be swinging my hair all day I’m homage to Cher!!

Edward: She recorded a music video on a BATTLESHIP. What makes you think you’re going to win that argument?

Sharon: She clearly doesn’t know who Cher is, does she?

Regina: Brenda is somewhere putting butter on them burns!

Jackie: Auntie Cher calmly and resolutely called her a bitch like it was her govment name 

Keisha: Cher said  Don’t  Come  For  Me  Bih 

P: Winter is gone but in cometh Cher with that 

Alexis: BURRRRRRRRN. Doesn’t she KNOW better than to come for Cher. She gathered her right on up. 

Constina: Cher took off her earrings and wig before typing that  back.

Lesley: Brenda Girl, why don’t you just Gypsy Tramp and Thieves yo behind somewhere.

Lily: That’s a grade 3 burn. Not sure Brenda’ll make it out of that ICU.

Felicia: When you forget Cher was an originator of the Shether.

Marisa: Nobody asked you, BRENDA.

Alexa: Cher is a FUCKING legend and the Brenda’s of the world need to learn their place.

Paulina: Cher sent that ass back home…tail tucked….by the powers vested in Cher…do not come for Muva….

Elisa:  Shit just ask David Letterman about how gangster Cher is. Poor Brenda. Poor, broken clowned Brenda.

Tamala:  Do not cometh for the queen or thou shall slayed.

Logan: Do you believe in life after being crushed under the weight of Cher’s words? Do ya, Brenda?

Joy: Cher is out here reminding the children who she is. I live.

Tracey: Welp, time to follow Cher.

The lesson of the day is: don’t come for Cher if she ain’t send for you. Even if she does send for you, think twice before you pick up your bag and go. Brenda helped us all learn this lesson. We thank her for her service.

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  1. Stacy
    September 6, 2017 at 10:00 am

    I saw Cher perform at the NYC Pride party on the pier a few years ago. She took the stage really late and after a mic dropping performance by Deborah Cox. She only performed about three songs and then left. I was sad and disappointed. I looked at my friend and asked how could she have people wait that long and then just do three songs and bounce. He looked me dead in the face and said “She’s Cher boo”. I never questioned the Queen’s actions ever again. Unlike Lauren Hill, Cher can show up late, give you her best 3 songs before leaving and You. Will. Deal.

  2. Nadine Velasco
    September 6, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    Love it… Cher is gangsta.. Ms.Brenda, get a clue honey, you got punked. ????????

  3. Lorna G.
    September 6, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    I almost feel sorry for Mistress Brenda. She saw the utterly amazing, not-to-be-messed-with, CHER and thought she could slide off the plantation porch, clap at Cher and return to her mint julep unscathed. #NotHappening

    First, when you only need ONE name, you Are That Bish anyone daring to come at you will get dealt with. Poor Brenda will need a lifetime supply of Zoloft to get through the next week. She on the back porch now praying Orange Hitler do something – Anything – to take the news and focus off her! :o)

    Side Note: I love me some Cher! I went with my Mom and her friends to Atlantic City 26 years ago. Had my 2 year old with me and we played in the elevators and ended up outside the side entrance of the ballroom where Cher was about to have rehearsal. As she glided in, she saw my baby, kissed his cheek and said, “He’s so cute!” in that deep Cher voice. I was like, “OMG, Cher touched my baby!” #Memories


  4. Valesten
    September 6, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Helping Dreamers. Tell me are Luvvie or Sanders, Hillary, Pelosi, etc., Are any of these folk as Outraged? As Undone by the poor BLACK boys & girls, poor whites in the Appalachia who will NEVER realize the America dream?

    Ya’ll kill me. You aren’t out protesting enmasse for these children. You aren’t out protesting or advocating for these Dreamers and yet you’re out there supporting children/adults who we have NO obligation to.

    Cher and anyone else who is outraged over trump’s DACA decision but silent as a mouse about America’s Real dreamers, I’ll say GTFO.

    All Blacks nor All Dems support putting the needs of DACA recipients BEFORE American’s children who need the support of all of us. But, they aren’t a priority or you ladies wouldn’t be so freaking silent yet vocal about DACA recips.

  5. Txbirdy
    September 6, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    The “worry about yourself” gif got me breathless.

  6. Kate
    September 7, 2017 at 10:31 am

    So much life today! Laughed out loud at least ten times… at work!

  7. September 7, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    The tweet was simple – and apparently Brenda “shares Cher’s politics” but maybe she should have expressed herself differently!

    The comments from your Facebook page made it all worthwhile.

  8. September 9, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    OMG. Hilarious. How do you love Jesus and Disney but not the Dreamers??? Go Cher!

  9. Gail
    September 9, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Cher no matter who dies even tho your X husband’s you play the part of the widow poorly especially when you bad mouth them all of your life. One you only want illegals for cheap labor. You and your child want cheap labor.This is so similar to slavery of the Democrat Party.You don’t know American history all we ask is coming legally and be respectful to our country.You said you were leaving America when Trump (won) still here? It is pretty nauseating how the left put those people before their own Americans who are homeless. Clinton is a murderer and stole 12 Billion dollars from the Haiti Relief Fund maybe help them out? Just sick of it and the rest of your celebrities .You have no intention having illegals come live with you unless they are poor actors playing the part and probably under paid.

  10. me3
    September 11, 2017 at 11:32 am

    My Gawt. Brenda must’ve never watched Cher because she would’ve known. That chick has never, ever, given one single iota of a damn.

    But Keisha’s comment above KILLLLLLLLED ME!!!!

    “Do you believe in after ETHEEEEEEER”

  11. Tom
    October 2, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    You’re sellin’ I’m buyin…