Tekken’s Leroy Smith Character is Mr. Steal-Your-Grandma

I don’t even play video games (anymore) but I might have to pick up what Tekken is dropping. They just released a trailer for the new movie and one of their characters is someone named Leroy Smith, who is the perfect prototype of Black Uncles everywhere. I know good and well someone Black works in Tekken’s design department because this dude is so specifically Noir that Chad and Brock surely didn’t come up with him. This gotta be someone rendering their favorite uncle, or creating a mashup of characteristics from each of their uncles and dads. Leroy is perfection.

Leroy Smith Tekken

A FB user by the name of DeMorris Edberson posted about this and I laughed so hard I snorted.


They released this full body render of the new Tekken character, Leroy Smith. C’mon bruh….look at how clean this brother is.

He’s definitely somebody’s grandmother’s “friend”

You know he was a Kappa in school and was definitely on the step team too

He doesn’t show up to the cookout, but always gets fed because SOMEHOW the aunts end up taking him plates

Legally blind, but always magically compliments your lady when she changes her hair or nails

He doesn’t actually need that cane and only keeps it because it matches all his other accessories, and I bet he’s got different canes for all occasions

He made that R&B mixtape your mom cleaned the house to on Saturday mornings

Always wondered who that quart of frozen collards or squash was in the freezer for? Look no further.

He had that top custom made by Ms. Chow at the dry cleaners and he’s the reason they serve that special fried chicken at the Chinese restaurant next door in the shopping center”

After I laughed myself into a full on cackle, I realized this is nothing but truths. This man would DEFINITELY whoop everyone’s asses in Spades with a hand that is all Diamonds. I’m putting respect on him on principle. I know his locs are buttered with care and twisted with love.

Anywho, I dropped it on my Facebook page and LuvvNation ran with it, like only they can. I’ve laughed myself into hiccups over their shenanigans. See below:

Luvvie: He only talks in whispers because he thinks “anybody who needs to hear me will hear me.” And everyone surely does.

Marie: out of kindness, bc if he used his full voice, we couldn’t handle it

Erika: His full voice would make all other sounds unrecognisable… forever.

Luvvie: You know he smells like Old Spice and Versace cologne.

Shari: maybe Fahrenheit or Drakkar.

Syrena: Nah, he look like he wears Joop. ????????????

Jason: he’s old school. He’s wearing High Karate!

Susan: Pipe tobacco and one of the oil the Africans sell, the one that’s heavy on patchouli and sandalwood.

Shania: I think he smells of cinnamon and wild berries. Women and men both flock to him. ????

Jacqueline: He smells like cherry scented Afro Sheen and incense.

Jasmyn: He only goes to church on Easter and Christmas, but he still gets prime seating in the front row next to the First Lady (per her request ????).

Sans: Who invited uncle Leroy to the cookout?

Luvvie: Who didn’t??

Nicole: shiiiiid do he need an invite??

Crystal: his invite is to infinity and beyond.

Nichole W.: He’s the reason for the cookout. He thinks “The family should come together.” No time or date but everyone shows up, on time, with sides (side dishes for those that don’t know what “sides” are).

Nichole R.: all the aunties hold their breath while he chooses which potato salad to eat. The winner wears that badge of honor until the next time he decides “the family should come together”

JTodd: He’s probably dating every legal generation within the family.

Adrienne: and they all know and don’t eeem care

Holly: And if anyone tried anything with any of those women he’d drop them.

Kiel: His theme music is the whole Innervisions album by Stevie Wonder.

Luvvie: Lowkey, he helped produce that album but that was in his “young” days.

Susan: Not a single child misbehaves around him. None.

Luvvie: They know better.

Holly: Nobody’s ever seen him discipline a kid- and yet, all the kids just know.

Sonya: All you have to have to do is say his name and ERRBODY straightens up!

Keidre: He’s the Old Man that Shirley had to call Barbara about.

Shirley Brown Woman to Woman

DL: I can see why! ????????????

Danielle: He never repeats himself. Listen fast or catch up later!

Karen: Grandma ain’t NEVA available to watch the grandkids????????????

Luvvie: Grandma booked and busy!

Michelle: Karen, would you? “Baby, Mimi has a church meeting tonight and trustee board meeting tomorrow.” ????

Danielle: hell, Mama ain’t available. He does not discriminate if you grown.

Darlene: I am Grandma. Grandma is me.

Chemere: Mr. Leroy got me thinking about buying him a short set. I just know he smells good and drives a clean Caddy.

Luvvie: You know he got a WHOLE closet full of short sets and matching hats

Michelle: with the matching lizard & ostrich shoes.

Iris: he definitely has the white linen outfits like he’s about to go to the Frankie Beverly and Maze Concert

Danielle: they put on concerts because of his linen

Ana: He sounds like Idris and Denzel and James Earl Jones

Luvvie: All combined.


gush gif

Erika: you know that’s a QUE. grad chapter, but still….

Luvvie: He do got Q-Dog energy. Plus, them gold tipped shoes… that’s an Omega right there.

Grant: I’ll bet he keeps his pimp hand strong. ????

Luvvie: He STAY ready so he ain’t gotta GET ready.

KB: His second fighting look is a all white Chicago stepping linen set with some gold gators . A Red solo cup of Virginia black will come with the update patch .

Kacy: This is Mr. Leroy. Grandma Betty’s friend that she always goes to see on Friday night. Stay at the casino all weekend. We never actually SEE him
Just the pristine TownCar he picks her up in.

H Loretta: Zaddy probably got his own theme song. Betcha “Between The Sheets” by the Isley Brothers starts playing every time he’s around.

Genese: It looks like he can open all the pickle jars without tapping the bottom. And it looks like his handshakes hurt. ????????

Gail: Uncle ‘Bruce Leroy’ Smith in town from LA visiting his nephew and namesake Lil’ Bruce. I’m here for it.

Yulanda: That’s grandma’s friend that always peels off a few bills, tells you to go to the ‘stoe’ on the ‘cornder’ for some penny cookies and orange pop. But you got to eat outside on the porch, stoop, or garry depending on what side of the Mississippi and how for south in Louisiana you’re from.

Susan: Oh, he is for sure good about giving kids some change. He was a stack of dollar bills outside of his wallet for that express purpose.

Shannon: He doesn’t joke much & all of his conversations are deep..He has seen & done some shit, but if he told you about it he’d have to kill you, so yall just real cool????????????

Monique: He has a Cadillac even though he can’t drive it anymore, has a hat to match every single outfit he owns, and tells all the “young people” at the cookout that they “don’t know anything about this grown folks’ music”, every time September comes on. He listens to records and still has his eight track machine. And, if you don’t come correct, he’s quick enough to still snatch you.

Oprah welp gif

Genese: It looks like he slams the domino sets hard AF on the table ????

Kiel: Ain’t nobody ever seen the inside of his house, but we all can imagine what it smells like.

Aisha: Looks like he would whoop everybody, no matter the game, situation, day, time & place.

Michelle: That cane doubles as a pool que.

Adrienne: He got golds in his mouth that have been there since you were born (1967 for me) ????

Jason: You know Morgan Freeman has already called his agent to get the part in the movie and his hair stylist to make his lacefront locs wig

Jan: Those sexy nostrils could smell the scent of a woman’s bone marrow. Oooooohesofine

MsCherie: He pulls up and Big Momma tell all the kids to go play in the basement and don’t come up till I come get you

Amaryllis: He just says Alexa’s name and she automatically dims your gramma’s lights and plays Barry White ????

Iris: You know he has a theme song…

Kim: By Isaac Hayes…

Monique: Or Earth Wind and Fire

Nicole: He steps in the room and you just hear the opening bars from Al Green’s “Can’t get next to you”. When Al was a sinner, before the grits, Lawd mi seh! (fans self)

Susan: He definitely uses the phrases “You dig what I’m sayin?” and “Those young cats over there…”

Jessica: When we walk into Heaven some people are going to be upset because this is what GAWD will look like. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ll be ok!

Sue: He was the head of security at the state mental hospital and his fox fur and black diamond mink coats were purchased by the human resources assistant and that night shift LPN who carried a pistol.

Tracy: THE ACCURACY!!! That LPN made the greens and Mac& cheese for all the job Xmas parties!!! ????????????

Sue: Yes she did! and the Jamaican lady made the corn souffle!

Monique: Also, why isn’t his last name Jenkins? If anyone is a Jenkins it’s him! ????

Erika: His family is from the islands and he went to school with Delroy Lindo.

Vicki: The “young guns” roll his blunts without being told. And God help you if you ask for a hit.

Kristi: He’s got two wives… one he never divorced and the common law wife he’s been living with the past 20 years…They both know about each other… but play their position and alternate months and weekends…

Kimmy: You just described my Daddy.????????

Stacy: Leroy always believed it was crazy for a man to date a younger girl, cause they don’t have “them good hips and sweet lips” like a woman with a little “season” to her. He is the reason your drunk aunt and your church aunt ain’t speaking and haven’t spoken for 18 years. Both have a son named Lee — one is 19, one 19 years and 3 months.

Miles: Black Jesus has HIS picture on the wall!!

Sigrid: He don’t even fight, he just 1, 2 steps and you lose health…

Alison: His finishing move is gonna be the hustle…

Mariotta: i’ma get back on my gamer shit just to choose him.

Honestly, I’m here for Leroy in all his badass glory. Tekken might have just secured a new demographic to play it. Well done.

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