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10 Thoughts About Breaking Bad Episode 512: Rabid Dog

I just caught up with last week’s episode of Breaking Bad last night, which is why my recap is coming just a few hours before the next episode airs.

Breaking Bad

1. There are few shows on TV that make you wanna lose your mind through pure silence and camera angles like Breaking Bad. When Walt enters the house looking for Jesse and he goes in his bedroom, the camera drops low and pulls back. I was holding my breath and didn’t know it until Walt comes out, not finding anything.

WHOOOOO!!! I was TOO nervous.

2. Walt’s lie about the gasoline smell in the house was so bad that it felt weird for him to even use that alibi. This is HEISENBERG, for jerk’s sake! This dude is devious to the core and somehow keeps wriggling out of the craziest situations. And the best thing he can do is say that there’s gas in the carpet because he spilled gas on himself when he was pumping the car? NAWL! I call boolsheet. Even Walt Jr., who typically only cares about breakfast called him out on it.

3. Saul is my favorite character because his one-liners are so hilarious. When he was in the car with Walt and other goon, he was full of them. First of all, his comparison of Jesse to Old Yeller was brilliant. Walt might have to put him down one of these days. We all know that but he ain’t tryna hear it.

breaking bad advice

4. It’s interesting how Walt is the only person who wants to save Jesse right now, even though he’s the reason for Jesse’s madness. How he reacted to Saul’s suggestion that he makes Jesse go to Belize was surprising. Lemme find out Walter White still got a heart. And when Skyler finds out the real reason they are in the hotel, he actually tries to come up with excuses for his former sidekick. Which brings me to the next point.

5. Skyler is a real ass G. And she really cannot be blamed for suggesting that Walt HANDLE Jesse. When she brought up the fact that he’s done so much bogusness, so “what’s one more?” I was like AW SHIT!!! Skyler the Goon! And the detachment she used to say it was telling. She’s been a part of Walt’s world more and more lately and what she cares about SOLELY is to keep her kids protected.

Skyler White Breaking Bad

What IS one more, Walter White? And what’s a goon to a goblin?

Can I also take this time to say Skyler is becoming my favorite character in these last episodes? Yes.

6. We find out that Hank is really the only reason that Jesse didn’t burn the White house to the ground. And his reason for stopping that was completely selfish, since he is obsessed and hellbent on making Walter White the Meth Lord known. He wants to punish him, and teaming up with Jesse is a great way to do it.

Jesse’s role in this entire series has been PAWN to everyone’s twisted chess game. He has been used as a means to everyone’s end and it continues here. And unfortunately, I feel like there is NO winning for Jesse. We’re all waiting to see how sad his loss is. This is different from Walter’s loss, which will feel sweet. I’ma cry for Jesse.

7. Of course Marie’s suitcases were purple. Purple to her is like red to me. We both have problems. But this episode might have been the one time I laughed at something Marie said. When she finds out that Hank brought Jesse home, the only question she had was “Is this bad for Walt?” When he says “Yes” she offers to heat up lasagna. Because real Gs etc etc.

breaking bad houseguest

8. It was really strange to see Hank’s colleague Gomez in his living room, with Jesse. How did that happen? Why didn’t the Breaking Bad folks let us see how the convo where Hank tells his fellow DEA dude that his brother-in-law is the notorious Heisenberg? It’s important because Hank has told Marie over and over again that he can’t tell anyone in the force until he has irrefutable evidence. But all of a sudden, Gomez is standing there getting ready to tape Jesse’s confession. Urrmmmm that don’t curl ALLL the way over for me.

9. Breaking Bad seems to be doing callbacks to things that happen in the episodes right before with this last 8 episodes. What I mean is that something that happens in one episode will basically be replicated by another character in the next. First it was the slaps and punches in the first 2 eps of this second half. Now it’s the confession tapes. Jesse’s was sad to watch, especially when he said Walt was his teacher. MMHMMMMM.

10. There’s no turning back now for Walt and Jesse. When Jesse showed up for the meeting with Walt with a wire and saw some bald dude, his freakout is real. Because he doesn’t trust Walt anymore and there’s no fixing that. So his threat to Walt was to echo the threat he felt. When he told him “I’m gonna get you where you really live” CHILE! TROUBLE! Does that mean he’s gonna come for his family? I don’t know, because I don’t see Jesse hurting kids.


Finally, Walt is forced to do what he’s been avoiding. Call for Jesse’s head. That phonecall to Todd is obviously a pre-emptive strike. Kill or be killed, bro. Like I said before, Walt and Jesse are like Harry Potter and Voldemort. Neither can live while the other survives. At least one of them gotta die. Might be both.

DUN DUN DUN!!! It’s on like popcorn for real now! 4 more episodes to go. The countdown continues.

What are your thought on what Jesse means by he’s coming for Walt where he really lives?

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  1. milaxx
    September 8, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Gomez is more than just Hank’s partner, his also his bestie. Hence the reason he often calls him Gomie. I suspect her pulled him aside and explained everything, then told him his career is over once this all comes to light, but he wants to take down Walt before that happens. Despite everything they are still DEA and Walt was responsible no only for a major drug organization, but dozens of deaths. I just thing VG though viewers didn’t need everything spelled out, which is also why we don’t need to see Jesse’s video confession. Still, I could be wrong. The actor who plays Gomez will be on Talking Bad tonight. You can tweet in a question about that.

    As for Jesse getting Walt “where his lives”. I think it’s his pride or his standing in his son’s eyes. I think Gray Matter comes into play and the world finds out how it was Walt’s douchiness that lead from him leaving a company that went on to be worth 3 billion. I also think somewhere along the way we see how Heisenberg is written in the White’s house, and I suspect Jesse is the one to do it.

    Somehow I think Jesse survives to the end of this series. Don’t ask me how.

    • em.
      September 8, 2013 at 9:07 pm

      I think where Walt lives has more to do with Heisenberg, the brand, and little to do with his family (with them, he still lives a lie-even Skyler isn’t completely in the know). What comes to mind is how Walt could not let Hank believe that Gail was Heisenberg.

  2. milaxx
    September 8, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    (sorry I stan pretty hard for this show) Forgot to add, I thought it was telling that when Jesse is in AA telling about killing Gale, that ep is called Bad Dog and how he had to put that dog down and then this ep is called Rabid Dog and we get Saul talking about Old Yeller.

    Not sure what to make of Walt’s call to Todd just yet. I’m not ready to see Jesse killed.

  3. Kara
    September 8, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    The thing is that Walt has never been able to lie well to his family. He can lie to anyone else and be a total bad-ass about it, but when it comes to his family he’s always had the lamest, oddest lies.

    • Milaxx
      September 9, 2013 at 12:25 am

      Walt is quick on his feet,it’s the practiced lie that he trips up on.

  4. Tyra
    September 16, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    The show keeps getting better and better! Anyone see the new episode last night? Can’t believe there’s only 3 more episodes left…..I still detest Skler lol

    If you did miss it I caught up on the last season on