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#50ShadesofShade: I Read 50 Shades of Grey and Live-Tweeted It

On Friday evening, I read Samantha Irby’s post on her 50 Shades of Grey read and it made me laugh so hard that I was inspired. I have managed to avoid the book soccer moms everywhere have been losing their minds over, even after it was sent to me as a PDF last year. But I wanted to read it to see how truly terrible it was.

And I live-tweeted it over two nights, in the first edition of LuvviePiece Theater. Long story short: NO.

Fifty Shades of NO

Grumpy Cat nails it.

It was so bad, y’all. SO BAD. Like my eyes wanted to bleed by the time I was done. I suffered so yall wouldn’t have to. Loyal readers unfollowed me. I lost hope in humanity. All so that I could read this awful awful awful excuse for a book. E.L. James is forever on my shit list for this. This book was 50 shades of THE WORST!

Oh and yes, I know it’s Twilight fan fiction. No less than 20 people have tweeted this to me. I KNOW. Gosh.

Either way, check out the storify below for my livetweets. I might return with another post on 10 reasons why this is officially the worst book ever in life. EVER.

If you have a hard time reading my livetweets below, read them on storify.

Whew. Terrible.

Have y’all read this book? Do you feel like cussing out everyone who told you it was good? Because I do!