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Ratchet and the Geek Podcast: Episode 15 (Chicago Live)

Scott was in Chicago last week for a conference and while he was here, we decided to record our 2nd live version of the Ratchet and the Geek podcast. The first time we recorded it and allowed folks to watch on YouTube was when I was in Portland in May and it was so fun. You can view that episode here. This time, we were able to get a room at Columbia College’s media center.

We even had an audience this time. By audience, we mean my friend DeeDee of The Sassy Peach was in the room enabling our foolishment. Good times!

The first 11 minutes count as the behind-the-scenes blooper reel as we got ready for the show. Feel free to skip that, unless you want to hear us be even MORE random than we typically are.

And if you want to just hear the audio version (without the prep foolery), then visit for that one. If you like our podcast, feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes!

P.S. Shoutout to everyone who tuned into our live viewing of this. Y’all had us cracking up with your comments in the chats (which we didn’t figure out until like 30 minutes in).

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  1. July 28, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    I loved it! You guys have great on-air chemistry.