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My Ratchet and the Geek Podcast is Back and Episode 17 is Up!

In October 2012, me and my homie Scott Hanselman started a podcast called Ratchet & The Geek to talk pop culture, tech, social media and our love of TV. Who’s the ratchet one and who’s the geek? You might think you know already but both of us are both! Trust me. Scott is a plum fool. Don’t let the “White man who got sense” look fool you! We did 16 episodes and both of us got so busy that we hadn’t done one since 2013. Wait. We did do one in like early 2014 but that was also after a long haitus.


WELL, WE ARE BACK! Episode 17 is now up on! We recorded it last Wednesday and it went up on Friday. We plan on doing one once a month, if I can get myself together and stop gallivanting.

My FAVORITE ep so far is 12.5. Scott and I did a “How to Do a Podcast” presentation at BWB 2013 and we kicked it off with a 5-minute mini version of our show so if you’ve never heard it, start with episode 12.5.

If you like our podcast, feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes! And leave a review (only if you like us. If you don’t, then don’t say nothing. :-p)

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