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God is Probably Tired Of Our Shenanigans Right Now

The world is a mess and I wonder what the conversation between God and Jesus would be like. Because they gotta be tired of our tomfoolery down here. We do not know how to act as a species. God: *sees the Amazon on fire, Donald Trump is running amok, the …

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Dear Fellow Christians, About This Christ Crutch We Use to Justify Foolery…

I just feel like I need to talk to my faith-similar folks for a second. Dear Christians, I’m a life-long Christian and I was raised by a village of protectors and guardians who included my Grandmother, a lover of the Lord (with all her heart and soul). She taught me that being …


I Must Have Missed the Holy Book Signing

One of my longtime readers, Caroline, dropped a goodie on my Facebook wall and I shook my head so hard I sued myself for assault. Look: It says “signed copy.” *looks around* Ummmm who signed this Bible? Word on the street is that Jesus ain’t back yet so unless I …


Old White Folks Rapping For Jesus

You know? The internet is truly the Den of Iniquity. When I was sent the link of the video below, the moment I pressed play, I realized I shoulda just walked away. Because. For reasons. Just watch. *faints* Iunno if this is real or not but West Dubuque 2nd Church …

Santa weeps into Jesus' arms

As Santa Weeps, Jesus Comforts. Glory. O_O

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was two days ago. The country came together to pay its respects to the lives lost on that fateful day that changed the world as we know it. We’re all cheering New York on for still standing. Whoever did this painting was also tryna #PayAmish. They …


Pole Dancing for Jesus. I Have Seen It All

A couple of weeks ago, when I talked bout how someone needs to come get Juanita Bynum and her keyboard Holy Ghost stomping, one of my commenters (named Jazz) asked if I had heard of the gospel pole dancer. I had not, so I asked her to drop a link …

Snoop at the Last Supper
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The Bible, As Told in 2053. Or Through Blogs

I was bored so I started thinking of what would happen if they came out with the new Bible in like 2053. Or maybe even today. How would the stories be told differently? How it would be covered by blogosphere and others. 2053 Bible is probably gon say Jonah got …

hi hater

Jesus Had Haters. You Have Side-eye Givers

You know who annoys the heck outta me? People who always talk about how they got haters. REGLASS people too. If I come across one more Facebook status talmbout “Haters are mad right now. They see me up there.” What haters? Up where? Who are you? Why are you on …